Daily Agenda

Week of May 21-25
Monday, May 21
JR: How have you changed since the beginning of 6th grade?! Final Entry!!!!
End of year evaluation.
8th grade letters back (and all work too!!!)
Letter to self returned!!

Tuesday, May 22

JR: See above
Literary scavenger hunt

Wednesday, May 23
JR: see Monday.
Literary scavenger hunt

Thursday, May 24

Friday, May 25
JR: See Monday!!!
Finish Literary scavenger hunt!!!

Week of May 14-18
Monday, May 14
JR: Something I want to do at Jefferson before I leave....
Catch up Bull Run
Work on Book Project

Tuesday, May 15

"Then why did you make that mistake?  In honor of the old song lyrics, write about the person in your life who was 'Your Favorite Mistake.'"

Bull Run Quiz review! Last minute questions? Find KWL chart!
Civil War search!

Wednesday, May 16

JR: Describe your best day at Jefferson!

Bull Run Test!

Thursday, May 17

JR: Describe a special place to you at Jefferson.
Book Project Due and Presentations!

Friday, May 18
JR: It's the end of the year, how do you feel?
Mini portfolio reflections

Week of May 7-11
Monday, May 7
JR: If I lived during the Civil War.....
Bull Run Quiz

Tuesday, May 8

JR: If we didn't have______, I would.....

Any Last DBA???
Work ON Book Project!!!!!

Wednesday, May 9

Make a list of social issues you care about...categorize them by which ones you think you can help with versus ones you have little control over.  Write about one or two of them.

Read Bull Run. pgs 52-

Thursday, May 10
Were there butterflies in your stomach?  Write a memory or a fictional story about being nervous about something that turned out okay in the end.

Work on Book Project!!!!

Friday, May 11
Write a short story or a series of questions about someone who intrigues you? someone you are curious about?

Read Bull Run/ Work on Book Project!!

Week of April 30-May 4
Monday, April 30
Read Bull Run.

Tuesday, May 1
Book Project 4 distributed!! Due May 16!!!

Wednesday, May 2
Read Bull Run.

Thursday, May 3
Reading DBA Spring Test.

Friday, May 4
Finish DBA Test and Read.

Week of April 23-27
Monday, April 23
At the time, did you think it was dumb or that it was cool?  Write about a time you wore an outfit or costume you now realize was ridiculous.
RJ Focus: Question and Rating

Tuesday, April 24

JR: Free Write
Bull Run background information
Start BR packet.

Wednesday, April 25
JR: If I could switch places with someone for the day, I would......
Begin reading Bull Run.
Packet put together!!

Thursday, April 26

JR: I don't know much about......
Bull Run-Meet several characters.

Friday, April 27
RJ Focus: Who, What, Where and When including Opinions!!!

Week of April 16-20
Monday, April 16
JR: What is intelligence?
Work on Lorax Project.

Tuesday, April 17
JR: When I find myself in an emotional collision, I ...
Work on Lorax Project

Wednesday, April 18
JR: I am most excited to share_______during my SLC because......
Lorax Project Due! Share!

Thursday, April 19 and Friday April 20
Student Led Conferences

Week of April 9-13
Monday, April 9
JR: When I think of the future I......

RJ: LEtter to character

Tuesday, April 10
JR: Describe one thing you can do to help save the planet.
The Lorax
Begin project.

Wednesday, April 11
JR:What is your favorite noise or sound in the world?

Lorax project

Thursday, April 12
JR: When is it okay to not listen to words? Think about a song you really love, but has lame lyrics or lyrics you don't understand.

Lorax Project

Friday, April 13
RJ Focus: Text to world
Character response to Earth Day.

Week of April 2-6
Monday, April 2
JR: What makes you feel safe?
Finish up riddle poem. Consider rhetorical devices and sound techniques! Due Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 3
JR: I wish I could....
RJ: Basic Plot and opinion

Wednesday, April 4
JR: The biggest time waster in my life is....
Riddle Poem Due!
Anagrams, Analogies and word scramble!

Thursday, April 5
JR: When I have free time to relax and be myself I......

Friday, April 6
No School***Vernal Holiday**

Week of March 26-30
Monday, March 26
JR: None.
Romeo and Juliet--Part Three

Tuesday, March 27

Finish movie

Wednesday, March 28
Who blind-sided you?  Write about a time someone caught you totally off guard.
Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet license plate due!
Report Card Grade Check and Goals.
Work returned.

Thursday, March 29
What was the last thing that made you mad?
Riddle Poems!

Friday, March 30
                **Three Pages Due from last two weeks!**
Riddle Poems

Week of March 19- 23
Monday, March 19
JR: None.
Begin Romeo and Juliet-Part One.

Tuesday, March 20
What helps you to get through testing?

2nd, 4th
Language of Shakespeare (and insults too!)

Wednesday, March 21
JR: What helps you get through testing?
3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

Thursday, March 22
1st, 2nd, 4th, 3rd.

Friday, March 23
Romeo and Juliet-Part Two.
Week of March 5-9
Monday, March 5
JR: Why did you laugh? Describe a time when laughed when you weren't supposed to.
Last day to work on persuasive piece or book project IN CLASS.
8th grade Contracts distribute: DUE FRIDAY!!!!! 3/9!!!!!

Tuesday, March 6
Would others find it dumb?  Think about all your dumbest daily rituals.  Write about it
Practice with Punctuation.

Wednesday, March 7
JR: Free Write.
Last day to turn in Persuasive Essay/lLetter---Self Evaluation of writing.
Finish Comma practice sentences.

Thursday, March 8
JR: Will you stay away forever? THink of a place (or state of mind) you try not to go because it stirs up too much emotion or drama.

Work on book project.
Comma Quiz.

Friday, March 9
JR: Describe one thing you can do over Spring break to help someone.
Book Projects turned in/Evaluation/Gallery Walk.

Week of February 27-March 2
Monday, February 27
JR: The best lesson a friend taught me was.....
Work on book project----see sample book review.

Tuesday, February 28
JR: What are you most excited about high school?
Peer Conference: Persuasive Writing.

Wednesday, February 29
JR: What are you least excited about high school?
Work on Final draft persuasive piece and/or book project.
Editing Checklist

Thursday, March 1
JR: Describe a childhood toy that you have since outgrown.
Book project work day!!!!

Friday, March 2
JR: Favorite childrens book?
Dr Seuss!!!!
Birthday Celebration!!!            **EXTRA CREDIT** WRite a short story inspired by Dr. Seuss that
                                                                                includes rhyme!! At least one page.
Turn in Persuasive Piece?

Week of February 20-24

Monday, February 20

Tuesday, February 21
JR: I wish children would….
Work on Rough draft!!

Wednesday, February 22
Get rough draft checked!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23
JR: If you found gold in your backyard.....
Peer Conference on rough draft. (postponed)
Book Project #3 distributed.

Friday, February 24
RJ FOCUS: Support.

Week of February 13-17

Monday, February 13, 2012

JR: What would you do if your promised to do something and you didn’t do it?
Brainstorm—narrow down to top three reasons!
Persuasive Strategies: Choose Three!

Tuesday, February 14
JR: Do you prefer home-made or store bought cards and gifts?
Strategy check
Organize/Clean binders

Wednesday, February 15
JR: What makes a happy family?
Begin Rough draft!
Research topic! *Laptops!
Persuasion Map!

Thursday, February 16
JR: What are three words or phrases that would describe YOU!
Work on rough draft.
Continue research.

Friday, February 17
JR: If I was President of the United States, I would......
Rough draft due. **Planning/Research Due!!!***
RJ FOCUS: Describe

Week of February 6-10
Monday, February 6  **Advisory**JMS Spirit Week!!
JR: Bravery is.....

Tuesday, February 7
JR: What I like most about myself is.....
PErsuasive Writing Prompt selection
with RAFTS form filled out!

Wednesday, February 8  **Hummingbird Music Camp**
JR: Five things I want do on my next birthday to celebrate are.....

Persuasive Ad Share!

Thursday, February 9
JR: If I were an insect, I would.......
Word Expert Quiz!
Brainstorm reasons and discuss persuasive strategies used to help support topic!

Friday, February 10
Favorite time of day?
RJ FOCUS: Formulate

Week of January 30-February 3
Monday, January 30
JR: When there are problems, ........


Tuesday, January 31
JR: School rules.....
Persuasion in advertising

Wednesday, February 1
JR: WHen I come home, I ......
Word Expert #3 Quiz
Finish and share ad.

Thursday, February 2
JR: Should kids be allowed to drop out?!
Share/Vote on ad.
Word Inventory 4.
Evaluate persuasive elements and strategies.

Friday, February 3
Do you take risks?!
RJ FOCUS: Evaluate
AD and write up DUE. Bring an extra one in by the end of next week for EXTRA CREDIT!!!!!!

Week of January 23-27
Monday, January 23
JR: Describe something you regret.
Review literary terms/skills/
Notes on Point of View

Tuesday, January 24
JR: People I can trust....

Wednesday, January 25
JR: My proudest accomplishment......
DBA READING WINTER               

EXTRA CREDIT: Write a short narrative in which you choose the point of view and perspective of the narrator. Minimum half page. POV should be very clear!

Thursday, January 26
JR: Describe a negative leader.
Word Inventory #3
Review expert words from last week. Re take test if needed.
Return work and CHECK grade!!!!!

Friday, January 27
JR: Describe a positive leader.

Week of January 17-20
Monday, January 16

Tuesday, January 17
JR: Thoughts about fighting in the media?
Are Yesterday's heroes important today?
Read Choice: A tribute to MLK, JR. by Alice Walker

Wednesday, January 18
JR: What would make you happier?
Continue Hero discussion.
Practice fiction and non fiction selection

Thursday, January 19

JR: If I had to ask advice from someone, it would be........

Friday, January 20
JR: Describe a time when you were accused of something you did not do. How did it make you feel?
RJ Focus: Author's Purpose

Week of January 9-13
Monday, January 9
JR: ONe thing I would change in my life would be......
What's in my journal brainstorm?

Tuesday, January 10
JR:  If I could follow any music group, it would be.....
WI #1 assignment.
Turn in Diamante poem in final draft.
Draft poem!!!!

Wednesday, January 11
JR: Technology is....
Draft Poem

Thursday, January 12
JR: If I had a super hero power for the day, it would be.....
Work on Revising and editing poem!!!

Friday, January 13
Thoughts on commitment to non violence?
RJ Focus: 3 likes/1 connection
Week of January 4-6
Wednesday, January 4
JR: Describe the most memorable part of winter break.
Word inventory #1
Diamante poem reflection: last semester vs. this semester

Thursday, January 5
JR: If I were 75 years old....

Friday, January 6
JR: The quality my friends admire most about me is.....
Read--find new book if you haven't yet done so.

FIRST SEMESTER-----Week of December 12-16
Monday, December 12
JR: Friends......
Homonym practice.

Tuesday, December 13
JR: Free write
Book Project work day/catch up day.

Wednesday, December 14
JR: I feel hyper when...
Homonym Quiz
Seedfolks project really due! Present character.

Thursday, December 15
JR: My dream vacation....
Book Project Due! Present!

Friday, December 16
JR: Winter Break Plans?!
*Winter Assembly*

Week of December 5-9
Monday, December 5
School Canceled-snow day!

Tuesday, December 6
JR: IF I found ONE million dollars?!?!
Work Returned/Organized.
Seedfolks Project.

Wednesday, December 7
JR: My most prized possession.....

Thursday, December 8
JR: Five foods I would never eat.......
More Homonyms! Homonym Challenge
Binder Check. (Postponed)

Friday, December 9
JR: If I could design my own room in my home, it would be.......
Seedfolks Project Due. (Postponed)
Homonym pRactice.
Present character.

Week of November 28-December 2
Monday, November 28
JR: Free Write
RJ Focus: Connect with a character! Invite a character to your home.

Tuesday, November 29
JR: IF I were stuck in the middle of the ocean.....
Seedfolks Project!!! DUE 12/9.
Re Do Seedfolks part three or four if needed
Work on Seedfolks Proejct.

Wednesday, November 30
Book Project #2 OUT!!! DUE 12/15.
Work on Seedfolks project.

Thursday, December 1
JR: If I was a teacher.....

Friday, December 2
My worse mistake...
RJ FOCUS: RE visit Mood reading journal!
Work on Seedfolks project!!!
Week of November 21-22
Monday, November 21
JR: How do you show thanks or gratitude?
Test Practice--Carrot Cake
Work on SF part four!!!

Tuesday, November 22
JR:My family traditions include....
Tone and Mood quiz
Seedfolks part four turned in!
SHare Tone stories!
Complete reading journal.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! :) Rest and Enjoy time with friends and family!!!
Week of November 14-18
Monday, November 14
JR: Family is.....

Read Seedfolks: Meet Nora and Maricela.
Tone/Mood video.

Tuesday, November 15
JR: I wish I could learn......
Focus: Mood and Tone
Movie trailer clips---t chart
Dog walking in the park story--focus: tone!

Wednesday, November 16
JR: The best advice given to me was.....
Finish Seedfolks part four. Meet Amir and Florence.
SF Part four questions.

Thursday, November 17
JR: The worst advice....
Tone and Mood
More movie trailer clips
How to organize a hot dog eating contest......TONE re write!

Friday, November 18
JR: If you could meet someone in history, it would be....
RJ FOCUS: Summary and opinion.

Week of November 7-10

Monday, November 7
Part 3!
(Turn in Part 2!!)

Tuesday, November 8
JR: If you could add any elective, it would be....

Wednesday, November 9---Advisory Schedule
JR: I feel safe when.....
Finish Part 3!
Making Connections.

Thursday, November 10--Advisory Schedule
JR: How can you honor veterans who have served and do serve our country?!
**Turn in Seedfolks Part Three!!!!!

Friday, November 11
NO SCHOOL----Veterans Day! Thank a Vet!

Week of October 31-November 4

Monday, October 31        ****Advisory****

JR: Write a short spooky story. Create or retell something real or be creative!
Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe!

Tuesday, November 1
JR: I wish I could go to....
Continue Seedfolks Part 2
RJ FOCUS: Questioning strategy

Wednesday, November 2
JR: Prepared for Student Led Conference? Concerns? questions?
Turn in Seedfolks Part 2
Connotation/Denotation Quiz.


Week of October 24-28
Monday, October 24        **Advisory**
JR: If I had a magic wand......
Begin Seedfolks!!!!! Meet Kim and Ana.

Tuesday, October 25
JR: I wish I looked like......
RJ Focus/ Mini lesson: Connotation and denotation
Book Check.

Wednesday, October 26
JR: Free Write
Seedfolks-Finish Part One.
Return work and review goals.

Thursday, October 27
JR: If animals could talk...
Binder Check #3
Connotation and denotation continued....Roaches!
Finish Seedfolks Part One Questions.

Friday, October 28
JR: Best Halloween costume?
Read Seedfolks, Leona and Sam. Begin Part Two Questions.
Quiz: Connotation and denotation
Seedfolks Part One Questions DUE.

Week of October 17-21
Monday, October 17
JR: Favorite board game?
Seedfolks discussion, statement 4
Read! Find a new novel!!!!!
Work Returned.

            *****Extra Credit: Check out a book from the school library and show me the book.
                                Double Extra Credit: Check out a book from the public library and show me the book.

Tuesday, October 18

JR: In five years....
Counseling: Bullying in friendships

Wednesday, October 19
JR: I wish they served__________ for lunch because.......
Seedfolks discussion 5 &6

Thursday, October 20
JR: I wish I looked like.....
Seedfolks discussion 7 & 8.
QW 6: Prewrite continued.
Begin novel!!!!

Friday, October 21         ***Report Cards sent home!!***
JR: The importance of honesty is.......

Week of October 10-14
Monday, October 10
JR: Perfection is
Reading test practice

Work on book projects/quick write #5

Tuesday, October 11
JR: Describe your emotional health.
QW 5 rough draft due.
Theme Practice
Work on Book Project
                            *****Extra Credit: Check out a book from the school library and show me the book.
                                Double Extra Credit: Check out a book from the public library and show me the book.
Wednesday, October 12
JR: Describe your physical health.
Quiz: Character Development and Theme
Begin Seedfolks discussion questions.

Thursday, October 13
JR: If I were a movie star, I would.....
Continue Seedfolks discussion questions and do QW 6 Pre write!
Book Project #1 Pre write (first three questions)

Friday, October 14
JR: Today is the last day of the first quarter. How did it go?!
Book Project #1 Due: Presentations!!
Last day of the 1st quarter!

Week of October3-6
Monday, October 3
JR: Describe the worst fight or argument you have had.

Book Project #1 handed out!! Due October 14.
Finish DBA if needed.
Finish brainstorming Growing Up Experiences

Tuesday, October 4
JR: How do you demonstrate caring
QW#5: Growing up-Choose topic and begin writing. DUE: October 11
                ******Extra Credit: Write a poem about the balloons in Albuquerque OR write a list of 20
                            adjectives you would use to describe the balloons!!********
Due 10/10.

Wednesday, October 5
JR: If i could be in someone else's shoes, it would be.....
Continue writing QW #5!
Mini-Lesson focus: Theme
Work on Book project.

Thursday, October 6
JR: In 10 years I will be...
RJ Focus: Theme

Friday, October 7: NO SCHOOL FALL BREAK!!!!!!!

Week of September 26-30
Monday, September 26     ****ADVISORY****
JR: Nature is....
RJ: Character Development
*Using Venn Diagram from last week, compare and contrast your character with someone. Focus on using specific supporting examples to prove the similarities and differences.

Tuesday, September 27
JR: What helps you to create a positive testing environment ?!
DBA Reading exam

Wednesday, September 28
JR: Favorite TV show......
DBA Reading exam

Thursday, September 29
JR: Describe three qualities you look for in a friend....
Character Development Quiz
Continue Compare/Contrast paragraphs. Turn in.
Growing Up poems and discussion.

Friday, September 30
JR:Free Write
RJ Focus: Character letter--one page letter from you to a character in your novel.

Week of September 19-23
Monday, September 19        *Advisory*
JR: Describe a positive influence in your life.
1. Poem drafting
2. Focus: Sensory language, similes, and HUMOR!
3. What is Peace?

Tuesday, September 20
JR: Describe a negative influence in your life.
1. Poem Revision. Focus: Conventions!!
2. Peace Group Work. Create a four square of PEACE!
3. Read.

            ***EXTRA CREDIT*** Include at least four symbols of peace throughout your journal this week.
Wednesday, September 21 **Progress Reports sent home!!!**
JR: How can you create a culture of peace in your own life?1.
**DUE: Final draft Poem. **Identify sensory language, similes and HUMOR

1. Pinwheels for Peace. Display!!!

Thursday, September 22
JR: Free Write.
Finish and display pinwheel for peace.
Character development and character traits

Friday, September 23
JR: If you could be a character in a book, who would it be and why?!
1. Read.
2. RJ Focus: Character development and traits.
**Binder check for a grade! Be organized!**            Progress Reports DUE SIGNED!!!!!

Week of September 12-16
Monday, September 12
JR: What does freedom mean to you?
Turn in QW 4: All descriptive words and phrases should be underlined!
Goal Setting for Quarter One!! See handout!
Check Grades!


Tuesday, September 13
JR: Speak and act with kindness, Describe one act you can commit to today!?!
Book Check-what are you reading?
Book Orders.
RJ Focus: Elements of Plot            ***EXTRA CREDIT: Write a list of TEN skills you would like to learn this                                                                 year in language arts. These should be specific to writing and/or                                                                        reading!!!**    Turn in by 9/16 !!!*****

Wednesday, September 14
JR: If you could meet a famous person, it would be.....
Revisit QW #4.
Mini Lesson: Descriptive language.

Thursday, September 15
JR: If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be and why?
"You can't write a poem about McDonalds"
Brainstorm and draft.
Final due Wednesday, September 21.

Friday, September 16        **Constitution Day**Mexican Independence Day**Fundraising assembly**
JR: How does it feel to give a compliment?
Work on Poem
Continue brainstorm and sharing.

Week of September 6-9
Monday, September 5
Labor Day!!!

Tuesday, September 6
JR: I'm most happy when.......
RJ Focus: 3/2/1
Three likes, two dislikes, one question
**See forms for this assignment.

Wednesday, September 7
JR: I'm most angry when.......
Revisit QW 1 and 2.
BEgin Quick Write #4: "My Monkey Garden"
    AVID One Pager--picture strategy and write about your own monkey garden.

****EXTRA CREDIT!!!!! Include a COVER PAGE in your binder with your name, Language Arts, Ms. Lazar 2011-2012 and anything else you see important!

Thursday, September 8
JR: Free write.
Binder Check.
Finish QW 4 and introduce Quarter One Goal Setting.

        **Extra Credit: In your Journal, write down your favorite thing to do over the weekend and a descriptive sentence or two about what it is! Write extra credit next to the sentence(s) so I include it in your grade!!!***

Friday, September 9
JR: What is your favorite day of the week and why?
TURN IN One Pager-=Task one.
Work on QW 4, Task Two! Due Monday if not finished in class!

RJ focus: ? If time?

Week of August 28-September 2

Monday, August 29
JR: If you could move anywhere, where would it be.....
Continue and complete visual MLK/Civil Rights timeline
"We must keep moving"---turn in your FOOT with the answers to questions on the board.
(Write or illustrate a way that you benefit from the work of Dr. King. Write or illustrate how you plan to make sure that Dr. King's message keeps moving. What will you do?!)
   ****Extra Credit: Write a list of your top FIVE favorite expressions to use with your friends!!!
Turn in by Friday!***

Tuesday, August 30
JR: How do you feel about sharing your work with others?
Name Plates turned in.
Inside/outside sharing circle
Reflection of work.

Wednesday, August 31
JR: When faced with a challenge, what is your typical reaction?
Share timeline and introduce QW 3 prompts. Think/brainstorm one prompt!
Read!!! Find a book!!
RJ: What did it feel like to read for 25 minutes??

Thursday, September 1
JR: What are you least excited about this year?
QW# 3: "We must keep moving" IN CLASS Response! TURN IN.
--see prompts, choose one and write!

September 2

JR: Dare to Dream; Rachel's Challenge. What visions/goals do you have for this year?
FOCUS: Letter Writing. Check your letter. Revise!
Letter to "End of 8th grade self"

IF TIME: Read.

Week of August 22
Monday, August 22, 2011
JR: Define Success.
Have you Ever? (team building activity)
QW # 2: What's in a Name?
Writing Survey

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
JR: Rachel's Challenge. How can you eliminate prejudice? look for the best in others?
Boop! (activity)
Continue QW 2! Rough draft due tomorrow.
Reading Survey.
Find a book!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
JR: Describe your role when working in a group!
Syllabus. Review and send home!

QW 2 turn in, review, revise and write final.
Organize binders!!
Read. :)

Thursday, August 25
JR:What kind of dreams do you have to make the world a better place?
Complete Student Questionnaire.
"I have a dream" ---August 28, 1963
Listen, respond, think!!

Friday, August 26
**Turn in Letter to Lazar
Binder Check!!!
Journals Graded.
Visual  MLK timeline created in small groups.
"We Must keep moving" ---create your "foot"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
JR: What are you most excited about in 8th grade?
Welcome back!!
Team building
QW 1: First day of school.

Wednesday, August 17
JR: What are your first impressions of 8th grade?
Work on QW 1

Thursday, August 18

Friday, August 19
JR: Weekend Plans?