This Week in My Class...

GATE Weeks 2 - 3:  Our larger thematic unit involves conflicts, and we will be exploring conflicts throughout the unit. The first larger conflict we are exploring is deforestation (man vs. nature). What is the impact of deforestation and is there anything we can do?

016 End of the Year

  1. Earthquake Webquest

After spring break:

Students will be re-writing narratives to make improvements.

PARCC Testing is complete
Students are finishing up narrative writing and beginning Tuck Everlasting.

This week (3/16/15)
We are reviewing narrative writing, pronouns, and getting ready for PARCC.

This week in my class (3/8/15)
My apologies for not updating for a few weeks. Essentially we are going over key skills right before PARCC. We are finishing Sounder this week, as well as a literary analysis essay. Grammar (pronouns) will be emphasized.
This week (2/18/15)
Continuation of remediation through Sounder. Students will go over TLI test and writing prompt.

This week (2/9/15)
Starting Sounder for literary analysis. Students are writing a compare/contrast essay on how authors use evidence.

This Week (2/2/15)
Finish Daniel's Story, Compare/Contrast Essay (Author's Purpose), Practice for TLI

This Week (1/20/15)
Students are analyzing a fiction and nonfiction text and writing a compare/contrast essay on theme.

This Week (1/6/15)
A review of informational writing will take place this week. Students will be writing an informational/argumentative essay weekly for the rest of the quarter.

In addition, students will begin "Daniel's Story" to focus on key literary standards that need to be practiced/re-taught. Corresponding informational text will be analyzed as we read "Daniel's Story."

Grammar focus: commas, verbs

This Week (12/15/14)
We are finishing up literary analysis and the Little Prince.

This Week (12/8/14)
Testing Monday. Students will be discussing themes, symbolism, and other literary techniques in Chapters 8-21 of The Little Prince.

Subject/Verb Agreement.

This week (12/1/14)
Students will begin literary analysis of the Little Prince. Enrichment activities for this novel will be done in my 5-6 hour.

Students will master fragments and run-ons.

This week (11/17/14)
Students are analyzing poetry in groups and then individually. Students will have a CBM Friday 11/21/14.

This week (11/3/14)
We are doing some final analysis on the Cay at the beginning of the week. Students will begin reading "Navajo Code Talkers"and working with informational texts.

This week (10/27/14)
We will finish the Cay. Students have a study guide they will be given on Thursday for a CBM on Friday.

This week (10/20/14)
Literary Analysis! Students will be looking deeply at the Cay, poetry, and then writing a literary analysis essay.

This week (10/7/14)
This week, students will be starting the novel the Cay and a literature response journal based on this novel.

Students in my 5-6 hour will also start "The Little Prince"

We will continue to work on possessive pronouns.

This week (9/29/14)
Students will test this week (Tuesday). In addition, they will be going deeper into figurative language, and they have a test on Friday. Students will also be studying subject and object pronouns.

This week (9/22/14)
Students will be analyzing plot, theme, and other literary elements in nonfiction text and a fictional movie. Students will be comparing and contrasting both.

This week(9/15/14)
Students will continue working on figurative language. There will be a quiz this week, so students should memorize the definition of each word, and then they should also memorize the spelling. In addition, we still start elements of plot this week, with focus on theme and conflict.

This week (9/7/14)
On Monday, students will finish up typing their informational essays, and work on possessive nouns. Primary and secondary sources will be introduced briefly on Monday, too. As for the rest of the week, students will be taking notes on figurative language, and expected to memorize definitions. In addition, plot will be introduced by the end of the week. 

This week (9/3/14)

Students have finished their first informative essay! We will be getting deeper into main/central ideas, and finishing up reviewing nouns. There will be a CBM on Thursday or Friday covering main ideas, point of view, and context clues.

This week (8/18/14)

Students have survived the first week of school. We will be mastering point of view and getting into information writing. Students will begin their first official essay by the end of the week!

This week (4/21/14)
We are finishing our research on bottled water and tap water. Students will start outlining their essays on Thursday and Friday.

This week (4/14/14)

Students will be investigating whether tap water or bottled water is the better choice. They will be doing several activities and research throughout the week. Eventually, they will be writing an argumentative essay based on their research.

R/WOTW will focus on fiction and plot elements.

I will announce the next book report by the end of the week.

This week (3/31/14)
This week we will be focusing on the article "Balto". Summarizing and central idea will still be emphasized, however, we will be focusing on these standards as well:

Analyze in detail how a key individual, event, or idea is introduced, illustrated, and elaborated in a text (e.g., through examples or anecdotes).

Integrate information presented in different media or formats (e.g., visually, quantitatively) as well as in words to develop a coherent understanding of a topic or issue.

Students will possibly be doing a webquest.

This Week (3/24/14)

We are finishing up central idea and summarizing. Students will have a formal summary due, and a CBM on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

This week (3/18/14)

NMSBA is over for 6th graders! For Quarter 4, we will review some of the more difficult standards, and students will start preparing for 7th grade!

This week we will be reviewing central idea and summarizing through an article on World War II.

This week (3/4/14)
We are reviewing standards in preparation for the NMSBA.
Tuesday: Finishing up poetry analysis
Wednesday: Fiction standards review
Thursday: Nonfiction standards review
Friday: Possible Jeopardy review.
All week: grammar!
This week (2/24/14)
Argumenative Essay Due. CBM on Argumentative writing 2/25/14. Students will begin a poetry unit and reviewing for NMSBA will be a large focus of the next few weeks.
This week (2/19/14)
Students will be writing an argumentative essay on fast food. They will also start complex sentences.

This week (2/10/14)
We will be going deeper into argumentative writing. Students will being writing their own argumentative essays on fast food by the end of the week.
This week (2/3/14)
Students will take a CBM on point of view Tuesday. Students will begin argumentative writing this week. Several resources will be posted.

This week (1/27/14)
Students will be taking a CBM on Monday, 1/27/14 (text organization, development of details). The rest of the week will be spent on mastering point of view.

This Week (1/21/14)
Students will be going deeper into text organization. They will also be writing one more outline/essay based off a quick experiment. They will be expected to do this independently by the end of the week. Basically, they will have to understand the purpose of the basic components of an essay (introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion, etc.)

This week (1/13/14)
Students will be analyzing the text "The Case of the Monkeys that Fell from the Trees."  They will also be doing a short writing assignment that follows what they have learned about essay organization.

This week (12/16/13)

Students will be adding the introduction and conclusion to their essays. They will be self-editing. If time, they will peer-edit. Their final draft will be due by 12/20/13.

We will also be reviewing ALL root words. Students will receive a study guide.

R/WOTW will review author's purpose.

This week (12/8/13)
Students will be finishing up their research on Monday. The research is due at the end of class Monday. They will start organizing their research, outlining, and writing their rough draft the next few days.
This week (12/2/13) students will begin research for an informational report on an animal of their choice. They will have to use at least three research sources, and will be doing the research in my class. However, they can get research outside of class on their own.
We will be going over plagiarism, paraphrasing, and using a bibliography.
We are reviewing literary elements through R/WOTW.
Students all should be reading their second fiction book. This is due by 1/11/14. Students will receive a pizza part if all members of their class complete the book report in  time!
This week (11/18/13) students will be finishing up the research unit. They will need to know:
1. C.A.R.S (An acronym to help students evaluate sources. I will upload the PowerPoint into forms and documents.
2. Bias
We are also:
3. Finishing up Action/Linking Verbs (Quiz on Tuesday)
4. Going over Verb Tenses (Past, Present, Future)
5. Going over all root words with flash cards!


This week (11/11/13) we are starting a unit on research. Students will have to demonstrate understanding in the following areas:

*Identifying different types of resources (they have folable notes on these)
*The difference between primary and secondary resources.
*Appropriateness of resources 
    For example, should a student use a dictionary to research astronomy?

There will be a quiz on 11/13/13 on types of resources. Students can study their foldable notes and flashcards made in class to prepare for this quiz. 
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