The remainder of homework for the year will be based off of vocabulary and studying key words.

No Homework During Testing Weeks

Week of 3/16/15
Spelling Bee Friday
No homework this week

Week of 3/8/15
Grammar Worksheet

Week of 2/18/15
Chinese Thinkers HW
Vocab. Weekly (Reminder)

Week of 2/9/15
Ancient China HW

Week of 2/2/15
Buddhism Homework

Week of 1/26/15
Hinduism Homework

Week of 1/20/15

Ancient Life in India Homework

Week of 1/6/15
There will be new homework starting this quarter. Focus will be placed on analysis of informational text, which will support Social Studies standards as well. Students must turn in homework by Friday of each week to receive credit for it. There will be an essay assignment at the end of each week.

Students will be expected to spell/memorize 6th grade level vocabulary on a weekly basis.

Week of 12/15/14

-junct (to join)
-tion (state of being or condition)
-con (with, together)

Vocabulary List for Chapters 22-27 of the Little Prince.

Week of 12/8/14

-tele (far off, distant)
-phon (sound)
-graph (writing, printing)

Vocabulary List for chapters 8-21 of The Little Prince.

Week of 12/1/14
-ject (to throw)
-re (again)
-ed (in the past tense)

Vocabulary list 1 for chapters 1-7 of The Little Prince.

Week of 11/24/14
No school!

Week of 11/17/14
man (hand)

Week of 11/3/14
poly (many)
octa (eight)
gon (angle)

Students will be given 10 6th grade vocabulary words per week to memorize (meaning and spelling).

My 5-6th hour has an essay/poster due by Friday.

Week of 10/27/14
form (shape)

TEST FRIDAY. Study guide given in class Thursday.

Week of 10/20/14
bene - (good)

Week of 10/14/14
auto - (self), graph - (writing) 
suffix - ic

5-6 Hour New homework starting quarter 2
My 5-6 hour is reading "The Little Prince". Every week during quarter 2, they will have discussion questions attached to their regular homework. This will be given out at the beginning of the week, and due the next day.

So, this week, it will be given out Tuesday and due Wednesday. They must be prepared for discussion in my class.

Week of 10/7/14
astro - (stars, space, sky)

Students in my 5-6 hour have a narrative essay due on Wednesday. This is a quick-write essay. Expectations will be gone over 10/7/14. Essay is due 10/8/14, but this is a quick-write assignment, and they will have time to work on it in class.

Expectations for narrative:

-Formal Language
-Appropriate Transition Words
-Dialogue if necessary
-Logical sequence of events
-Engages reader, provides conclusion

Week of 9/29/14 bio - (life)
Figurative Language Poster

Week of 9/22/14 chron - (time)

Week of 9/15/14 geo - (Earth)
Study figurative language!

Week of 9/7/14 
vis - (to see)
Literature Web due Monday (5-6 Hour)

Students in my 5-6 hour have a literature web due Monday.

Week of 9/3/14 - aud, audi (to hear)

A new year has started! Students will be receiving homework Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays most of the time! I will update this on 8/18/2014.

Week of 4/21/15
Monday: ful- (full of)
Tuesday: -ly (in what matter)
Wednesday: -ice (state or quality)

Week of 4/14/14
Monday: -ologist (a person who studies)
Tuesday: -ly (in what matter)
Wednesday: - some (characterized by a thing, quality, state, or action)

Week of 3/31/14
Monday: -ent, -ant (someone who)
Tuesday:-er (someone who or something that does)
Wednesday: -able, -ible (capable or susceptible)

Suffixes start this week.

Week of 3/24/14
Monday: -en (made of)
Tuesday: -ed (past tense)
Wednesday: -al, -ial (characterized by)


No homework during Testing.

Week of 3/4/14
Monday: under- (below)
Tuesday: neo- (new)
Wednesday: com- con- (together)
Week of 2/24/13
Monday: mid- (middle)
Tuesday: re- (again)
Wednesday: un- (not)
Week of 2/19/14
Wednesday: mis- (ill, mistaken or wrong)
Thursday/Friday: non- (not; absence of), semi- (half)

Week of 2/10/14
Monday: over- (beyond, too much)
Tuesday: sub- (below)
Wednesday; super- (above, over)
Week of 2/3/14
Monday: multi- (much, many)
Tuesday: pro- (forward)
Wednesday: pre- (before)

Week of 1/27/14
Monday: hyper- (too much, more)
Tuesday: im- (not)
Wednesday: inter- (between, among, together)

Week of 1/21/14

Monday: ex- (out of from)
Tuesday: fore- (before)
Wednesday: homo- (same)

Week of 1/13/14  (Please note the format for homework has changed)

Monday: de (reverse, remove, reduce, to do the opposite of)
Tuesday: dis (apart or away, having a negative force)
Wednesday em (within, to put or go into or onto, to cover or provide with)

Week of 12/16/13
Study guide will be handed out. Students will have to memorize all root words.

Week of 12/10/13
Monday: vac - to be empty
Tuesday: tract - to pull
Wednesday: port - to carry

Week of 12/2/13
Monday: Form (to shape) REVIEW
Tuesday: Opt (eye)
Wednesday: Mort (death)

Important note: Students are starting a research  project this week! More information will be posted soon.
Week of 11/25/13
Fall break!
Week of 11/18/13
Students will be making flashcards of all the root words we have learned so far. Study!
Week of 11/11/13:

Monday:  No School 
Tuesday: Root Word: Form (to shape)
Wednesday: Root Word: Loc (place, location) Also, study flashcards and foldable notes
Thursday: None, Quiz
Friday: None
*Please note I will try to update this daily.

Previous Homework

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