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Bang the Drums with B

Banging the drums with B
Emergent Literacy

Rationale: This lesson will help students recognize /b/, the phoneme represented by b. The students will learn a meaningful representation, the banging of a large kettle drum, the letter symbol b, practice finding /b/ in words, and apply phoneme awareness with /b/ in phonetic cue reading by distinguishing rhyming words from beginning letters. The phoneme /b/ serves as the meaning for the letter b. The letter b provides a visual symbol for the phoneme /b/.

Materials: Primary paper and pencil, Bouncing on the Bed by Jackie French Koller, paper and crayons for the students, assessment worksheet (link below), word cards with ball, big, make, and bug.

Procedures: 1. Our language is like a secret code. We have to learn what letters stand for. We also learn how our mouth moves to make each sound. Today, we learn about the letter b making the /b/ sound. The letter b looks kind of like a drumstick used to make music on a drum. The sound made by the letter b sounds like the banging vibration sound a large kettle drum makes.

2. Let's pretend to play a big drum. We will use our letter b drum sticks to make a /b/ sound (Pantomime playing a drum). What is our mouth doing when we make our drum sound? Do you notice how our lips are touching and then we puff air out of our mouth with our voice box on.

3. Now let's see if we can hear /b/ in words. Let's say the word elbow really slow. Eee-lll-bbb-oooww. Let's try one more time, even slower. Eeeeee-llllll-bbbbb-oooowww. There it was! Did you feel your lips touch when we said /b/? 

4. Let’s try a tongue twister and listen for the /b/ sound. Bob bounced his ball to Betty. Let's say it three times. Every time you hear a /b/ sound, pretend to play you drum. Now let's say it and stretch out the /b/ sound. Let’s say it one more time and separate the /b/ sound from the word. /b/ ob /b/ ounced his /b/ all to /b/ etty.

5. To write the /b/ sound, we use the letter b. When turned on it’s side, the lowercase letter b looks like the drumstick we would use to play a drum. Let’s practice writing it on our primary paper. Start at the roof and draw a line straight down to the sidewalk. Then, at the fence, draw a half circle back down to the sidewalk. Capitol letter B looks like a bongo drum, or two drums right next to each other (show picture to activate background knowledge). To write Capitol letter B, draw a line from the roof straight down to the sidewalk. Then, starting at the rook, draw a half circle to the fence and again from the fence to the sidewalk. After I have checked your progress, practice 5 of each letter.

6. I will call on individual students and ask them to answer phoneme awareness questions. Do you hear /b/ in ball or cat, little or big, bucket or pail? Now, I'm going to read you some words. If you hear the /b/ sound, pretend to bang a drum. Basket, baseball, soccer, walking, bug, fly, begin.

7. Now we are going to read the book “Bouncing on the Bed.” 
Book talk: Sometimes, when it's bedtime, we just aren't ready. What happens when a kid tries to avoid going to sleep by bouncing and wiggling on the bed?
After we have read our book one time, we will read it again and try to find the /b/ sound. Every time we hear /b/, pretend to play your drum. Now that we have talked about lots of different words with the sound /b/ in it, think of a word with the /b/ sound and write it on your paper. Then draw a picture of it.

8. Show BALL and model how to decide if it is ball or fall. Remember the uppercase B looks like a bongo drum and makes the /b/ sound. That means this word is b-all. Now it's your turn to try some. BIG: big or jig? MAKE: bake or make? BUG: bug or dug?

9. For assessment, the students should complete the worksheet. The worksheet edicts several items, some that have the /b/ sound, and some do not. The students should color each item with the /b/ sound. I will then call students individually to read the phonetic cue words from #8.

Assessment Worksheet:

Rice, Katie: “Bouncing the Ball with B”

Bouncing on the Bed, (1999), Jackie French Koller

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