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Dear Parents,
    We are almost to the end of the school year.  Crazy!  We are also almost done with all of our end of the year assessment and  let me tell you the kids have done amazingly well. I can't believe they will be third graders next year.  We have about a month left of school and we have many interesting projects coming up.  We are working with fairy tales in reading and writing, geography for social studies and soon enough we will start researching different Colorado attractions. In math we are moving into long multiplication and division.  So, continue to encourage the kids to do their job and hold off summer mode. We are almost there!
Ms. Lala
December Post
Dear Parents,

I can't believe it is December! Time is flying by. There are many things coming up in December so I am excited that I will get to see many of you around the school. One of the events is Literacy Night. To give you a little history the first Literacy Night was in 1996. My son was 3 months old; he is a senior this year! Principal Dave Debus decided that it would be fun to have a night were we could sit around and read with the students and their families as a way to encourage reading at home. The students were supposed to come in their pajamas and bring blankets to sit on. That night we had about three blankets and around fifteen people including teachers! It is amazing how it has grown to even include the Scholastic Book Fair and different activities in our classrooms. I think it is a fun night so I hope to see everyone there