Online and AGS Course Agreements

Student Name ________________________
WATCH Each Video Below for Your Course Type                                  Revised 12/6/16
_____ Watch Connexus Course Video (
Cornell notes are REQUIRED. Students need to take great notes on each vocab word, section, video, table, etc. During a quiz or test, it is required to circle every quiz or test question and add topics missed to the bottom of the section to redo those notes before the next attempt. 
_____ Watch Apex Online Course Video ( All items with a point value on the syllabus are required unless they say optional. If a student needs a quiz reset, ALL study guides for that section are required before contacting your teacher for a reset. Turn those in at your next weekly meeting.  For Apex science labs, please do half of the labs since some require materials you will not have.
Complete all items of each lesson in order before moving on to the next one:
1. Read each lesson and take notes Cornell Style notes on each vocabulary word and important information.
2. Complete workbook pages (not vocabulary review pages)
3. Complete all lesson reviews (these are your quizzes)
4. Complete all unit reviews with a parent present- using only your notes and workbook pages for help. (these are your tests), and complete final exams at Red Cedar.

Skip all "What Do You Think," "Problem Solving," and "Critical Thinking Questions." Your parent grades your workbook pages weekly. Students may not view the answer keys. After the first unit is complete, it is recommended that you bring it in to have your teacher look it over and provide feedback. All items are required and need to be done at a high level the first time. 

10 Rules for Connections 
1. Be Honesty and Avoid Plagiarism- One of the easiest ways to be honest in your classes is to do everything fully. Watch entire videos and read all words in every section. Secondly, be honest by doing all of your work on your own. Your quizzes and tests need to be done using only your notes. You cannot receive any type of help on your quizzes or tests in any course. When borrowing a person's idea, words, or photos for any course or personal project, please give credit to the author or photographer by including the website or author's name either on the same page or in a works cited page to avoid plagiarism. Use your own words when taking notes. You may not copy, print, or paste the text. Parents, not students, are required to sign logs and other forms.
2. Handwritten Cornell Notes Are Required- Here is how to take Cornell Notes. Use a separate binder or a separate notebook for each course and label each section with the chapter/unit and lesson number. Take outstanding, organized notes and number vocabulary. These must be in your own words. Cornell notes are due for points before a final grade will be submitted. Each section must be labeled with the section number. Cornell notes save you time and helps you transfer this to your long-term memory. 
3. Focus During School Hours- Students' attendance is based on only items completed at 80% or higher. 1 assignment is equal to one course hour. Students are required to complete 5 graded items daily (+1 elective course assignment daily for grades Pre-K to 8). If you do not have these items complete, you will be marked absent for each item missed. If you miss your weekly meeting time at Red Cedar, it's a full day's absence. Students may not miss more than one weekly meeting each quarter to be in good standing. School time doesn't start until you are prepared with all of your necessary materials ready to go. Secondly, keep all electronics out of reach and turned off, not on vibrate, during school work time and at Red Cedar School. Avoid friends, having the TV on, texting, emailing, your phone, playing games, or visiting social media sites. No Internet unless it's needed and on your school topic.
4. Look Up Additional Materials- You need to use additional resources (additional textbooks, experts, the Internet) if you don't understand something. Never assume one text or online course is going to teach you everything you need to know. Find an additional article or video on an educational site to understand a confusing lesson. You need to do the quizzes and tests by yourself, but you can prepare with as much help as you need. Try Googling "fractions khan video" to see videos available.  Preview videos to determine which one is the concept you are needing. Once you've found the right video, watch it a few times to understand the concept.
5. Make It Challenging- Many courses are as challenging as you make them. Do a good job by going above and beyond with each assignment to show your teacher and others who will view your work down the line that you are an outstanding student.
6. Slow Down and View All Course Readings, Charts, Pictures, Videos, and Audios- Do not skim a reading or skip sections. Pay attention to arrows to the right and scroll down to the very bottom. Look at everything on the page. Watch all videos all the way through. All items have a purpose. It is essential to your learning that you do all that is asked of you. If you fail a quiz or test, do not take it again or ask for a reset until you are 100% ready to excel. 
7. Do Class Writings Correctly- For online or traditional classes when you write an essay or research paper, there is a correct way to do it. Please use these Writing an Essay rules and MLA Research Paper rules on my website. If you make up your own way to write or free-write, most teachers will give you a very low grade even if they haven't told you what format they would like. Either ask the teacher for the exact format, or use these guides to ensure success. 
8. Make Outstanding Progress- If you get stuck in a class, be sure to contact your teacher immediately after you've done what you can because you are required to stay ahead of schedule. If you cannot proceed in one course, work ahead in another course. 
9. Take Quizzes, Tests, and the Final Only When You're Ready- Quizzes and tests are there to assess your learning AFTER you are done with each section. You may not take a quiz or test until you have taken excellent notes. Tests must be taken while a parent actively watches you. The final exams may only be taken with your teacher at Red Cedar. If it is taken without a parent or teacher present, you will receive no credit. On quizzes and tests, your notes and workbook pages are the only items that may be used; you may not use anything else to help you-- No books, No printed items, No photocopies, No text, No reference sheets, No Internet, No friends, No parents, No answer keys or teacher's manuals... ONLY YOUR NOTES OR WORKBOOK PAGES. When you take a quiz or a test, it's required to circle each answer in your notes and write down the sections you missed. Then you go back and take better notes. In order to have a quiz or test reset, email your teacher to let her know that you have done the circling and improving of notes. It's required that you bring in your notes to show your teacher at your next weekly appointment.  If a quiz or test is not passed after a reset, email your teacher immediately with the highest score received. Your teacher will decide how to proceed. 
10. Turn In Required Items at the End of the Course- Connections requires all assignments, quizzes, tests, final papers and projects score 80% or higher. Your teacher may choose to make an exception if scoring slightly below, but that is rare. A course is not complete until all items are completed and excellent notes are turned in. You have 2 weeks from the course's end to turn in all items, or the teacher may have you repeat the course.
Student Agreements:                                                                                   
  • I will follow the 10 rules above on my online or home-based courses.
  • I will watch each video for the types of courses I am.
  • I will complete notes on all vocabulary words and complete all items for each lesson/chapter before moving on to the next one.

  • I will complete all activities independently, following directions detailed above.
  • I will only take tests when a parent IS HOME TO SUPERVISE that only hand-written notes and workbook pages are being used.
  • I will let my teacher immediately if I am stuck in a course or if any assignment hasn't been graded after a week.
Parent Agreements:
  • I will view my child's Google Docs logs to ensure they are filled in with necessary work attached prior to Sunday's end and before attendance is sent.
  • I will email attendance with a detailed list of what exact items were completed in each class for the week by Sunday night to 
  • I will ensure that all tests are taken with a parent present, using only hand-written notes and workbook pages with NO additional assistance from anyone or anything.
  • I will keep up with grading all workbook pages and turn these in graded within 2 weeks of the course being done.
  • I will verify that my high school child has completed 5 graded items daily to earn 5 hours of attendance, or I will verify that my child younger than grade 9 has completed 5 core course assignments and 1 elective course assignment daily to earn 5 hours of attendance.
  • Please let Ms. Kopp know if you are unable to see each online courses.
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Parent Signature: __________________ Date: _____