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Why should I take notes at all?
When students only read, they remember about 10% of the material. They need to be actively reading. The easiest way to be an active reader is to take notes. For your classes, you'll only be allowed to use your notes when taking your tests and finals, so do a GREAT job.

What's So Special About Cornell Notes? Cornell notes is by far the best way to take notes in order to learn and remember things.

Cornell Notes
1. Watch this 2 minute video entitled, "Is It Important to Take Notes?"
2. Watch these two videos on Cornell Notes Video 1Video 2
3. Watch this video on how to take effective notes

Note-taking Sample   
Textbook Lesson
Quiz on How to Take Cornell Notes -You may use your notes to take this quiz. Be sure you have watched both of the videos above. You will take this quiz only 1 time. Please email this quiz to your teacher when you're done. On the subject line, title the email Cornell Notes Quiz. Thank you.