Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher I want to make the world a better place one student at a time. I want to be like all the teachers that aspired me to do better in school and ultimately want to become a teacher. They were the one’s that did not give up on me when I could not understand an assignment, they took time out of their schedule to better my education and make sure that I understood the material.

            Learning should be fulfilled and energetic, but also serious. I want to empower my students with the knowledge that they know they can succeed, even if all odds are against them. I want to teach them to not give up, even if at first they don’t succeed or the going is rough. Having my students know that they can do anything they set their mind to would be the most powerful lesson learned. The students I want to teach will be at a young age, which is why it is important to set the groundwork for them to build on later. I want to instill good learning habits that they can take with them to the following grades.

            One thing I have noticed throughout my observations is that kids attendance to school is lacking. One classroom I was in, a student had missed 34 days in one school year and not from an illness. One of my top goals is to get the students in my classroom. How can I teach if I don’t have students? I believe that teaching will capture the minds of my students. I will do what ever it takes to get the students in my classroom. I am dedicated to the education of our future leaders and want them to get the proper education that they need and deserve to become successful. 

Ms. Kochenour