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Here you will be able to find links to off-site pages that will help enhance students education. 
Teacher Resources

 Unique Teaching Resources

I love this website! I could spend hours on it, getting so many wonderful ideas for my classroom. On this website you can find many hands on projects that also go along with course content. There are many books that we read throughout the years that this website has projects that go along with the stories. The st

udents will be more engaged and learn more about books when they have to do a

project on it, and my hope is that this will help the information stick! This website made the list because it has resources that I can use in my classroom. It has templates I can purchase and make as many copies as I want without infringing any copyright laws.                                                  


This website works perfect for teachers looking for material and different resources. This website has so much to offer. You can search their catalog for lessons, bulletin board ideas, worksheets and more, and if you can not find something that fits what you need you have numerous amounts of tools to create just want you want and make it custom to your teaching style. 

This site specifically deals with all the courses of study: math, language arts, special education, social studies, English as a second language, physical education, and science. 

This website has everything a teacher could ever need and save time searching for the right material needed for lesson plans.

Khan Academy

This website has over 190 million lessons that you can watch and learn from on pretty much any topic. As an elementary teacher I feel that this website would be one more for me to use. 

I could use this website to gain a different insight on how to solve a problem or how to teach a different method in a certain subject. 

This site is awesome because it is a video and it walks you through things, like basic addition and subtraction which are subjects that I would cover.

However, if students needed more help in a topic I would look and scan through lessons on this site to find ones that pertain to what the student needs.

This is another great website because it gives teachers the ability to search for multiple resources to use in the classroom. Having a couple of these sites on hand is necessary for teachers. Especially when the site has so much to offer. 

You can search work books, handouts and so much more. Which such a wide variety to choose from you are able to find worksheets that go along with the Alabama Course of Study that you can use with your lesson plan to enrich your lesson.

Teacher Vision

Within this website I found just what I needed for material to teach the social studies section of the Alabama Course of Study. I found worksheet that help explain people in our community and their roles. The thing that I like about this website is that it was quick and easy to navigate around and find what I need which is essential for teachers. I rather spend less time looking for the right worksheet and more time teaching my students.

Student-Oriented Resources Homework support, project-specific support, etc. 


This website is great for practicing, reviewing, learning, and testing students knowledge of material taught in class. At the beginning of the year I will assign usernames and passwords to each student and a copy given to the parents so that together, you and your child may accelerate in their learning. This site will be used to practice spelling words. Each week there will be a new group of words and their meanings. With this site you can learn your new spelling words in no time! This site also correlates with the Alabama Course of Study in the fact that students will be practicing and then demonstrating their vocabulary skills. Before choosing this site I played around on it to make sure that it could be used for my intended purpose, learning spelling words and their meanings. Also after using this site I found it to be useful for other subject as well, for example learning states and there capitals or parts of the body.                                                  

Fact Monster[0]=addition&level=1

I selected this website for students to use and go to on their own at home by themselves or with a parent. This site looks fun and entertaining but still is an educational website where students can go to learn more about a topic learned in class. I also found on this website a great tool for learning and practicing basic addition and subtraction. Since we will be having unknown quizzes on basic addition and subtraction this would be a good place for student to brush up on their skill and speed up their pace.


This is my fun selection website! We all need to get away from school and give our brain a break sometimes. This website does that while still engaging students with educational games. This website goes along with out Dr. Seuss theme during the school year. Students will be able to discover and learn all they ever need to know about Dr. Seuss from this website. Parents will also be able to look up book that are age specific for their children. Another great thing about this website is the layout, there is so much going on and your attention can never get lost!


This website gives students all the practice with math they will ever need. The best thing about this site is that it meets all the requirements of the Alabama Course of Study for multiple grades. The practice is detailed and can be used in different ways. This site is easy to navigate and simple to understand which make its great for the 1st grade!

h.i.p. Pocket Change

Since we will be dealing with money and the exchange of money daily in class, I found this website to be a perfect fit, especially going along with the Alabama Course of Study on describing the role of money in everyday life.

Not only does this website give information about our money and currency but also about other countries too. One thing I found fascinating on this site was a cartoon video of how the coins are made; I felt that this is something that my students would find interesting and neat.

Brain Pop

This website allows students to explore many different subject areas with fun tools and games. Brain Pop is an exciting way to get students involved with learning!