Policies & Procedures


The supplies students are expected to have every day in class are: 

  • 2 blue or black ball point pens
  • 2 sharpened pencils 
  • Lined, 3-hole punched standard size white binder paper
  • CLC student agenda; colored pencils
  • 1-inch 3-ring binder (portfolio to be left in classroom)
  • Free reading book
All books for class should be available as well.  Students who do not bring their supplies to school repeatedly will receive a “U” in Cooperation.

Inappropriate materials such as liquid white-out, permanent markers, nail polish, make-up, toys, inappropriate magazines, and electronic games will be confiscated.  Certain items may require a parent conference in order for their return.


A letter grade or a checkmark and a number indicating points earned will appear at the top of properly completed work when it is returned. Work is expected to be completed ON TIME in an acceptable manner (neat, legible, directions followed, etc.). Work may be completed in blue or black ink, or typed. Students are to keep all work that has been returned to them in their portfolios. Graded/checked work can be used to study for tests, check for errors in grading & will be used during conferences.

Communication Policy:
Parents/guardians and students are strongly encouraged to keep up-to-date on class assignments by reviewing their child's agenda every day.  Students should be writing down their homework every day and I will periodically review agendas when checking to see if assignments have been done.  I will stamp the agenda if the assignment has been completed.  If not, I will mark “incomplete” or “missing” in the agenda with the date and my initials.  Please make sure that your student completes all the assignments.
Email is the best way to contact Ms. Kaplan!  mbk0075@lausd.net

Grading Policy: 
Grades will be based exclusively upon the work (aligned with the Common Core State Standards) each student produces and their active participation in this class.  I do not give grades.  Students earn grades.  All work in this class is awarded on a point system. The more points a student earns, the higher the grade will be.  Points are cumulative from the beginning of the semester.  All work counts toward the final grade.  The following scale will be used:      

GRADE ASSIGNMENTS                                                           
 A = 90% - 100%
Markedly superior work 
 B = 80% - 89% Superior work
 C = 70% - 79%Satisfactory work
 D = 60% - 69%Needs to improve progress in work
 F =  0% - 59%Little or no progress in work   

Tests – 40% of final grade
Homework – 10% of final grade
Classwork – 40% of final grade
Effort & Cooperation – 10% of final grade

Progress reports are sent out every 5 weeks.    I can also email a grade report, just please email me with the request.  I do not assign grades on the spot.  Please see the “Criteria for Marks” page for an explanation of L.A.U.S.D.’s grading policy.  (Attached in a Microsoft Word Document at the bottom of the page.)

I can also email a grade report to you whenever you'd like, just please email me with the request.  

Assignment Heading

All work must have a properly completed heading when turned in. No abbreviations are used - first and last name must be used.  Work turned in with no name will be placed in the "no name" folder. It is considered LATE work and will earn no points.

Make-up Work from Absences & Turning in Work Late

MAKE-UP WORK is work turned in after the due date because of an excused absence (as defined in the CLC handbook).  Students should turn in assignment(s) as soon as possible when they return so that they do not get further behind.  Students have ONE (1) day for each day they were absent to makeup any missing work from when they were absent.  It is also each student’s responsibility to see me to schedule a test make-up.  Not making up a test could result in a failing grade.  A prolonged excused absence requires special arrangements regarding deadlines.  Students are responsible for seeing me about these arrangements.  Students who know they will be absent for other reasons should see Ms. Kaplan in advance of the absence in order to get and complete the work by the due date. Completion of make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  Three or more homework assignments not turned in or turned in incomplete (“D” work or lower) will result in a “U” in work habits.  

LATE WORK is never accepted. This includes work turned in after an unexcused absence and work that is in the "no-name" basket.

Three or more tardies in any five-week period will result in a “U” in work habits.

Regarding absences:
Students are responsible for getting missed work from a classmate or the teacher.  Absence is never an excuse for missing an assignment or a due date. It is recommended that students find a “buddy” in class to get assignments from if they are absent. 

Personal Achievement

Personal integrity is basic to all solid achievement. All students are expected to do their own work at all times. Be aware that any time a student is found copying work from another student or cheating, has turned in work that has been copied/cheated on, BOTH the student who copied the work AND the student who provided the copied work will earn 0 points on the assignment, with no possibility of doing it over for credit.  Work copied directly from a reference book, computer source, or other media (without proper documentation) will also earn no credit. Consequences may include an after school detention and a lowered citizenship mark.  

Extra Credit

Limited extra credit work is available each quarter. Take advantage of extra credit when it is made available, as Ms. Kaplan does not create special extra credit assignments for individual students. Extra credit is not designed to replace or supplant other required work. Students who earn good grades in this class do so mainly by correctly completing all required work on time.  

Ms. Kaplan,
Aug 5, 2009, 2:30 PM