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Policies & Procedures

Special Materials Needed for Class:

Students are expected to have the following supplies and materials in class every day.  Other materials may be requested, but these are the minimum.  Students will not be allowed to leave class to get any materials that they left in other rooms.

•    Free reading book (classroom library books may be checked out by students)
•    Student agenda (provided by school)
•    Writing materials – paper, pens and pencils
•    Textbooks for classes

Failure to bring materials (including textbooks) to class will be reflected in work habits and cooperation grades.  Inappropriate materials such as liquid white-out, permanent markers, nail polish, make-up, toys, inappropriate magazines, and electronic games will be confiscated.  Certain items may require a parent conference in order for their return.
Communication Policy:
Parents/guardians and students are strongly encouraged to keep up-to-date on class assignments by reviewing their child's agenda every day.  Students should be writing down their homework every day and I will periodically review agendas when checking to see if assignments have been done.  I will stamp the agenda if the assignment has been completed.  If not, I will mark “incomplete” or “missing” in the agenda with the date and my initials.  Please make sure that your student completes all the assignments.
Assigned work will also be posted in the "Homework" section of this website.

Grading Policy: 
Grades will be based exclusively upon the work (aligned with the California State Standards) each student produces and their active participation in this class.  I do not give grades.  Students earn grades.  All work in this class is awarded on a point system. The more points a student earns, the higher the grade will be.  Points are cumulative from the beginning of the semester.  All work counts toward the final grade.  The following scale will be used:   

GRADE ASSIGNMENTS                                                           
 A = 90% - 100%
Markedly superior work 
 B = 80% - 89% Superior work
 C = 70% - 79%Satisfactory work
 D = 60% - 69%Needs to improve progress in work
 F =  0% - 59%Little or no progress in work   

Tests – 40% of final grade
Homework – 10% of final grade
Classwork – 40% of final grade
Effort & Cooperation – 10% of final grade

There will be opportunities throughout the year for students to receive specific feedback regarding their cumulative grade, specifically at the reporting periods (every 5 weeks).  I do not assign grades on the spot.  Please see the “Criteria for Marks” page for an explanation of L.A.U.S.D.’s grading policy.  (Attached in a Microsoft Word Document at the bottom of the page.)
I can also email a grade report to you whenever you'd like, just please email me with the request. 

Late work:
Late work will not be accepted under any circumstances.
Students who were absent because of an excused reason (illness, family emergency, etc.) have one (1) day for each day that they were gone to makeup what they have missed.  In the case of prolonged absence, a parent-teacher conference/correspondence is required in order to make special arrangements.  I also understand that emergencies arise, and I encourage students and parents to talk to me if special arrangements need to be made. 
Three or more tardies in any five-week period will result in a “U” in work habits.

Regarding absences:
Students are responsible for getting missed work from a classmate or the teacher.  Absence is never an excuse for missing an assignment or a due date. Homework is typically listed on the website, but students still need to get necessary materials from the teacher when they return (worksheets, etc.). It is recommended that students find a “buddy” in class to get assignments from if they are absent.  Students should turn in assignment(s) as soon as possible when they return so that they do not get further behind.  Students have ONE (1) day for each day they were absent to makeup any missing work from when they were absent.  It is also each student’s responsibility to see me to schedule a test make-up.  Not making up a test could result in a failing grade.  A prolonged excused absence requires special arrangements regarding deadlines.  Students are responsible for seeing me about these arrangements.  Three or more homework assignments not turned in or turned in incomplete (“D” work or lower) will result in a “U” in work habits. 

Ms. Kaplan,
Aug 5, 2009, 2:30 PM