ABC's of Pre-k

ABC's of Pre-k

Ms.. Jenn’s ABC Handbook



Attendance – Daily attendance is necessary to have a successful Pre-k experience!

  Our day begins promptly at 8:30 and the dismissal time is 1:50.  Drop off students are permitted to be dropped off no earlier than 8:10. Please make sure you have your child at school on time every day, unless he/she is sick.  If your child is going to be out, please call to let me know why your child is out.  Upon returning to school, your child still must bring in a signed excuse for each absence.  I have to keep all of these excuses on file for documentation. Please refer to your school handbook if there are any questions.


Backpack – Your child needs a book bag for transporting folder, books, etc. to and from school.  Please do not send rolling book bags.  They are a safety hazard.


Book Orders – I will be sending home monthly book orders from Scholastic Book Club.  If you would like to order any of these, please mark your selection on the order form and send it back with a check for the correct amount.  Please make your checks out to Scholastic.  I am sorry we cannot take cash. I will also be providing you with the online component if you would choose to order straight from the internet. Our classroom gets a free book with each online order. I will provide you with the log on instructions.

Curriculum – Our curriculum is based on the WV early learning standards. We run an all-encompassing curriculum that provides students with a variety of tools for learning throughout the year. 

Directory – As soon as things settle down, I will send home a sheet for parents to fill out if you would like to have your home address and phone number published on a list to be sent to everyone in our class.  Some parents find this helpful for inviting friends, birthday parties, etc..  No one will have information published without their approval. (You do not have to participate in this it is just an option I am offering)


Discipline – Good conduct is vital for optimal learning in pre-k!  We begin to learn the school rules on the very first day of school.  After the first week and orientation, we implement our Positive behavior Support plan.  A referral to the principal will also be made immediately for severe disruptions – threats, bullying, fighting, biting, etc.

 E-mail – If you need to reach me at school, you may e-mail me at I check my e-mail periodically throughout the day.  I will send home a form asking for email addresses. Please make sure to check your email if you turn one in. If you call, please leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.  My phone number at school is (304) 723-2525 ext, 104.

Field Trips – We try to take a few educational field trips each year. If you know of a place that would be great for an educational field trip in or around our area, please let me know.



Folders – Please return your child’s folder each day.  If  money is sent to school please place it in a Ziploc bag/envelope clearly labeled indicating what it is to be used for. 



Great Reads- is a list of popular books we will be reading in the classroom. The list provides you book titles, so that if you want to read the same book at home we read at school you can. By re-reading the book at home helps your child work on comprehension skills.


Happiness- My goal this year is to promote a positive, happy learning environment so that your child can thrive and succeed. 


Illnesses – If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  We love to share in pre-k, but we don’t want to share our germs.  Please don’t forget to send in a written excuse on your child’s first day back at school.


Journals – We will begin journal writing on the first day of school.  By the end of the year, you will be amazed at the stories your child will be drawing about.  At the end of the year, we will send these journals home with your child, so you will have a journal of their  experiences in preschool.


Kindness- This you’re your child will be learning about the pillars of character education. Please reinforce the skills they are learning about at school.

Lunch – We will be sending home menus each month.  Lunches cost $2.00 each day.  Your child will be assigned a lunch number in order to be given the opportunity to buy hot lunch. There is not exchange of money for lunch at school; you will receive a bill from the central kitchen. The only thing money is required for is the purchase of milk or water.  You may also send your child’s lunch.  Please make sure it is clearly labeled.  We are not allowed to heat or refrigerate any lunches. Please pack accordingly. The following are hot lunch prices:


Lunch 1.10

Milk   .40

Water .20

Medicine – If your child requires medicine to be taken they must be given the medicine either before or after school hours. Medications are not administered on site. There are except such as insulin and epinephrine medication regiments. 

Newsletter – I will send home a weekly newsletter each Friday.  This will let you know of any upcoming events.   It will also inform you of the skills and themes we will be working on that week.

Outside time (Recess) – Your child will get 1 hour each day for outdoor recess (weather permitting), throughout the year.  Please make sure you dress your child appropriately, as the weather changes. Please keep in mind no flip flops as they often a tripping hazard. 

Parties –We call them “celebrations,” there will be special days when we can share some simple treats.  If you would like to be a classroom parent to coordinate this, please let me know.


Questions- If you ever have any questions about the program, please feel free to either call me or e-mail me.  I will get back with you as soon as possible. I will always try to respond in a timely manner. Email is the best way to contact me!


Reading – It is my goal for every child to leave my class having a love of reading. We will be working hard every day, and you can help so much by reading to your child every night.  We will send home a reading log so you can record all the books you read to your child or later your child reads to you.  Our goal is to read at least one book a day!

Sharing- Your child will be developing sharing/caring skills throughout the upcoming year. Please try to encourage and promote good sharing/caring skills at home.


Supplies –There is no specific supply list. However, If you would like to donate something to our classroom, we are always in need of the following: card stock, tissues, baby wipes, brown lunch bags, treats for the treat jar, treasures for the treasure chest, Ziploc baggies, craft supplies, etc.( this is not required and is by no means mandatory please do not feel obligated)


Snacks – Due to our lunch being early on our daily schedule, your child will want a snack for the mid-afternoon I have snacks on hand however if you child has food allergies or is a picky eater please make me aware of the situation.  Also if you choose to send in a snack please make it easy for your child to eat nothing requiring a spoon.

Toys – Please don’t allow your child to bring toys to school.  These can become a distraction in our classroom and are often misplaced. I will collect toys and keep them until the end of the week.

Understanding- Your child is new to the school experience. Please be patient and understanding when your child comes home and is excited about things they are doing at school.

Volunteers – We love to have volunteers to help us out in the classroom.  We have read aloud twice a month as well as holiday celebrations.  Please let me know if you are interested in these opportunities.  We appreciate your support!

Web site – Our web site for our classroom is

I try very hard to keep the information and announcements current.  Please let me know if there is something extra that you would like for me to post on the web site.




 Excitement – It doesn’t actually begin with an x, but there is definitely plenty of excitement in pre-k!!!!

Year – Your child’s pre-k year should be a year they will always remember fondly and one that makes them love to learn.   Please remember to always contact us if you ever need anything. 


ZZZ’s – Please make sure your child goes to bed early each night.  We have such a busy day!!  


The End