No Pay Cut, Step Restoration and...NO MORE FREEZES!!

posted Aug 8, 2013, 11:56 AM by MSJC FA   [ updated Aug 8, 2013, 11:59 AM ]
Hello Fellow Faculty Members,

We have a new tentative agreement which, if ratified, will mean no more pay freezes of sort unilaterally imposed the past two years!!  It also includes no pay cut (for this year, or retroactive to last year either).  In addition, it restores the lost steps!!

Yes, that's right, the step freeze language would be permanently removed, we would not take a pay cut AND everyone who was frozen would be moved to the step they would currently occupy if there had never been a freeze.  For example, for those who have been frozen on step 12 or lower the past two years, this means, combined with the step just granted last month, a total of THREE step increases!!!

If ratified, it would also provide step AND column movement in the same year for salary advancement,  formation of a stipend committee, new online instruction evaluation language and hour-for-hour sick leave for non-teaching faculty.

The actual agreement is available via the link below for your consideration. This agreement would not have been possible without your support.  We especially thank those of you who attended, and particularly those who spoke at, the board of trustees meeting last spring.

If ratified, all this would come at the cost of reduced overload pay and reduced overload maximums.  Specifically, the agreement would reduce the overload pay mulitipliers for lecture (currently 1.15 times the highest associate faculty rate) and lab (currently 1.10 times the highest associate faculty rate) down to 1.0 for both, phased in over several semesters.  Also, in addition to a 40% maximum for teaching overload (no change to the current limit) it would institute a maximum of 50% overload for total overload (teaching combined with non-teaching overload assignments, like department chair and FLEX coordinator).  This would also be phased in.

Based on the number and size of overloads typically worked by our faculty, we appreciate these decreases would negatively impact the monthly pay of many of you.  Since our associate faculty pay is low relative to surrounding districts, we anticipate some relief over time in the form of increased associate faculty pay rates.  However, we have no influence here.  These changes would not impact stipends or load banking.

The actual language of this three-year agreement, which forgoes bargaining this year but provides reopeners for 2014-15, can be viewed at:

We plan to answer your questions regarding this agreement during lunch at convocation next Friday, 16 August, and hold the ratification vote during the following week (August 19 - 23).

Thank you again for your support!!