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Msindisi = (Zulu for saviour) Jesus is the Saviour of the world and it is He that we are trying to serve. He saves from Sin and the consequences of sin. He saves us from ourselves. He saves us from eternal death and despair. He came to give eternal life and died to satisfy the justice of God so that we can come into relationship with the Creator that we have been estranged from.





Welcome to the website of Salvador and Dianne. It is here you will find a number of things that are associated with them, whether it is of massive importance or just a vague interest. In an age where technology is in rapid acceleration and advance here is a web space providing information on the lives and ministries of this couple.


03 - 05 - 2009 


What's on?



 We are ministering in KwaZulu Natal, evangelizing and discipling as the Lord leads. Salvi was involved in a Church plant in 2004. You can learn a little about our friends there on the KwaZulu Page

For more information on the KwaZulu Mission please click on the following link,

KwaZulu Mission



We are pleased to announce that at the age of 85,


Salvador’s Chinese grandmother has moved to China to be a


missionary. She has a Portuguese pension and apparently she believes

she can feed about 70 Chinese pensioners with her pension.


She wants to reach out practically in that way and to share the Gospel


with them. We attach her testimony to this email and ask that you would


remember her in your prayers as it is still illegal activity to spread

the Gospel there. To read her testimony, please click on the following link.




Her testimony was written over 10 years ago.



Peng's Testimony




Check out Salvador's book, self published on


It is a study on the Book of Romans called,

'From Moses to Messiah'

This study goes through the book of Romans chapter by chapter and seeks to explain it's flow of thought and numerous implications that are derived from Paul's explanation of the Gospel and the questions that he would have had to address to those first century hearers who were predominantly Gentiles but had practicing Jewish people within the Church to.


The book is available in hard back, paper back and as a download from both and



For more information please click on the following links below:








The Principal of the Bible College Salvador is studying with has released a new book called The Jews, modern Israel and the New Supersessionism. It has contributions from Andy Cheung, Jacob Prasch, Stephen M. Vantassel, Howard Taylor, Paul Wilkinson and Tony Pearce.


From the introduction:


"Israel and the Jews are of considerable interest to many Christians. This is hardly surprising, given how the land of Israel is where Jesus trod and Christianity emerged. Moreover, Israel is mentioned or alluded to nearly 3000 times in the Bible, while as a biblical theology theme it appears far more than many other important themes in the Bible. Jesus and the Apostles were Jewish, as was most of the early church, which was headquartered in Jerusalem, the Jewish capital. Jews and Christians both draw on the Old Testament, while much of the theology of Mosaic (though not Rabbinic) Judaism serves as important background to Christianity. Then, of course, there are the many Scriptures which highlight the theological importance of Israel and the Jews. For example, ‘Salvation is from the Jews’ (John 4:22); Zechariah records God’s declaration that ten Gentiles will take hold of the tunic of a Jew saying, 'Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you’ (Zech 8:23); and the Apostle Paul introduces his lengthy treatise on Israel by pointing out how the adoption as sons, the glory, covenants, the giving of the law and promises belong to the Jews, indeed the promised Messiah is Jewish (Rom 9:4-5). Furthermore, the Prophets refer to Israel as both God’s servant (Is 41:8-9, 44:1-3, 44:21, 49:3, Je 30:10, 46:27) and God’s son (Hos 11:1, Ex 4:22). These and many other passages demonstrate just how fully Israel is woven into the very historical and theological fabric of the Bible and Christianity.

Christian Zionism, the view that modern Israel represents God’s restoration of His chosen people to the land, has existed since the nineteenth century (though arguably one can trace the notion that the Jews remain God’s chosen people throughout church history). Likewise, supercessionism (American spelling: supersessionism) the view that the church has displaced, or replaced Israel, also known as replacement theology, can also be traced to the early church period. Yet the publication of various books during the past two decades or so has witnessed a new expression of supercessionism (hence the title of this book), specifically within Evangelicalism, which is deeply critical of modern Israel. It also tends, whether deliberately or unwittingly, to portray Christians who broadly believe God has not finished with the Jewish people, regardless of their theological tradition, as somehow fanatical and extreme, even heretical."


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