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Teaching English to Bedouin Students

Description of Site

Umm-Batin is an unrecognized Bedouin village near Omer. Every Saturday, MSIH students leave Be'er Sheva around 9:30 and return around 12:30 pm. Students also have the option to ride their bikes to Umm-Batin. For pictures of the school, please click here.

Volunteer Duties

Each MSIH student will work with a group of 4-10 middle school students on their conversation skills. The idea is for the students to get used to hearing and speaking English and to improve their vocabulary. These sessions are not meant to be overly structured or organized, but rather are more of an opportunity for the students to chat and practice their English speaking abilities. 

Time Commitment

Anyone is welcome to come try out volunteering. Ideally, the program seeks to attract long-term volunteers on a weekly or biweekly basis. 

Contact person

Shelly Theobald, theobald@bgu.ac.il, Keiko Chen, keiko@bgu.ac.il, and Megan Straughan, straugha@bgu.ac.il

Pictures from Abu-Kof School

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