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Families in Medicine

Upcoming Events:

Families in Medicine will start in the fall

Recent Events

A lunch time discussion with Dr. Lynne Quittell, mother of five.  She talked about balancing family and professional responsibilities and fielded students' questions.

Why was the Families in Medicine group started?

The decision about where to attend medical school is a major one, made even more complex if you have a spouse, children, or significant other. Having a significant other and family in medical school is a challenge, but also a wonderful source of support. The MSIH community would not be complete without all the significant others, spouses and children who join us and support our students throughout our studies and future careers.  We have found that with good planning and realistic expectations medical school and life in Beer Sheva can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

What should I do if I have a question about my particular family situation?

PLEASE contact current students or graduates – we are happy to share more information and advice specific to your situation.

Click here for more information about moving to Israel with a family

Who is in charge of Families in Medicine?

Moshe Prero

Hatai Kraushaar