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Ethics Advisory Committee

Rachel Dunham

3rd Year Representative
Yona Barth-Rogers
2nd Year Representative

1st Year Representative
To be elected - please contact Rachel if you are interested.
What is EAC?
EAC has changed over the years since its conception to fit the needs and interests of the students involved. It was originally started to act as a mediator between the faculty/administration and students. Recently it has focused more of its efforts on ethics education and awareness. Last year some of the events hosted included Cookies with Clarfield, debate between members of the 1st and 2nd year classes, and BIG discussions.
BIG - Bioethics Interest Group - is a subset of EAC that involves discussions of case studies or papers on ethical issues. These discussions are guided by the four main principles of medical ethics: beneficience, nonmaleficience, autonomy, and justice.