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Many students have washers in their apartments and houses, but dryers are rare.  Those without washers have several options.

Student Dorms

The student laundry facility, open to all students, is in the Zlotowski (Gimel) Dorms, across from the Sports Center.  Enter from Ben Gurion Street.  Turn left once inside the gate.  Washer is 7 shekels and takes 30 minutes.  Dryer is 6 shekels and also takes 30 minutes.  You need your student ID.  While you can buy detergent and fabric softener there it is better to bring your own. 

Booyot (trans: Bubbles)

Tel. 08-649-6037
Location 1: Schuna Bet, corner of Bialik and Shimoni.  
Location 2: Schuna Dalet, Merkaz Oren, corner of Rager & Avraham Avinu
You can bring laundry to be done, charged by the kilogram.  Or they will pick up and deliver for a fee of NIS 7.  Note, on some days they are closed from 1pm to 4pm.
Addionally, there is a service that will pick up and deliver you clothes for around 60 shekels (prices may have changed) for a full bag (66 Wingate or 050 835 6870).