Starterpack Business Opportunity

Vodacom Starter Pack Distribution

Become a starter pack distributor and make money every month when your customers recharge their sim card.

Distribute Vodacom starter packs make deals with other resellers supply vendors,shops,airtime outlets,small and medium local supermarkets and earn a recurring passive lifetime income every time airtime is recharged by your customers no matter where they purchase airtime nationwide.

Your Recurring Monthly Commissions on these are:

  • 5% recurring on all Vodacom Starter Packs
  • 3% recurring on all Cell C Starter Packs
  • 1.5% recurring on all MTN Starter Packs

We have the best deal with Vodacom for these starter packs, so we advice you to distribute Vodacom as it has the highest income percentage followed by Cell C.You can distribute as much as you want and each Starter Pack will earn you a monthly recurring income every month when each client loads airtime on it no matter where they purchased the airtime.

Income Potential?
If you have 500 Vodacom Starter Packs distributed which you earn 5% recurring on each recharge amount no matter where they buy it from and each client loads just a minimum of R100 worth of airtime per month you would make R2500 recurring per month (500cleints X R100 worth of airtime per month X 5% = R2500).

Appoint Agents Or Supply other resellers,retail shops and vendors and grow your network faster and earn more.How Do You Earn More?

If you have agents or are supplying other resellers with the Vodacom Starter Packs you would earn 2.5% on the Starter Packs you supply them with, which they would earn the other remaining 2.5%. So If you are supplying 50 resellers and they each distribute a minimum of 100 Starter Packs to their clients and each client loads a minimum of R500 airtime per month you would earn an extra R62500 recurring every month from their distributions on top of what you would be making from your direct distributions (50 resellers X 100 Starter packs each X R500 airtime per client each month X 2.5% = R62500 per month).If you like you do not have to directly distribute them to the public (the end users) yourself, you could just supply other resellers and retailers in bulk who would sell them to the public and earn 2.5% from each reseller you supply and they each earn 2.5% as well.You can supply as much resellers as you want we do not limit you.

Each Starter Pack costs R10, You can order as much as you can there is no minimum or maximum.

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