Welcome to Ms. Harris' website! 
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Here you will find the assignments and files relevant to your class.  You can subscribe to any of the page changes so you are notified when new files are uploaded for your class.  

Homework will be updated on this main page daily.  Any files specific to your classes are stored on that class' page.  You can navigate to those pages using the sidebar to the left of this main text box at any time. Having trouble with an assignment?  Check out the "How to..." page.

***Here are some FREE programs that will make your life a lot easier this year (and also cheaper for your parents).***
  • OpenOffice -- basically Microsoft Office, except without the $300 price tag.  It includes word processing, presentation creator, and spreadsheet programs.
  • Adobe Reader -- allows you to open and read PDF files.
  • DropBox -- secure program that allows users to access their files from any computer.  This also means you have no excuse for not having your assignments on due dates. =)
  • Flash Card Machine  -- instead of buying flash cards and spending forever writing them out, you can register for this site and type out your flashcards.  This site also saves all the flashcards you've made before-- making midterms and finals a lot less stressful to study for.  (You can also buy this as an app on your iPod, iPhone or other smart phone for around $5... still much cheaper than buying tons of index cards.)