All you need to do to be a voting member is come to a meeting!

 PTO Meetings:


6PM at the school.

Childcare will be provided.

All are Welcome.


Future Meeting Dates:

                                           December 2

                                            January 13

                                            February 3    

                                            March 3    

                                            April 7

                                            May 5

                                            June 2

MDES Clothing!  .

We still have a few MDES shirts and sweatshirts in stock.  Please email if you are interested

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What does the PTO do?
  • Support our Teachers and Staff
      • Last year, we provided over $9000 in grant money, gifts, and direct funding to our teachers and staff.
      • Provide meals during Parent-Teacher Conferences (when teachers work extra long hours)
      • Provide snacks for faculty meetings.
  • Support our students
      • Last year we provided grants to support scholarships and educational opportunities for our students
      • Fund Visiting Artists to come and enrich our already amazing curriculum.
  • Create and Sustain Community
  • Providing welcome gifts for new students and teachers
  • Creating the School Directory
  • Hosting the events such as the fall Barbeque, kindergarten playdates, the benefit auction, coffee hours, etc.
  • Raise Money to support all these great activities.
Ways to Help the PTO :
  • Come to a Meeting
learn what it is we do and help us plan.
  • Volunteer to help organize an event or project. 
  • we need volunteers to cook food for events and teacher meetings
  • we need people with computer skills to put together the directory and organize volunteers.
  • we need people who can gather recycling cans for CLINK...lots of different ways to help!
  • Raise money for the PTO
      • Make a donation to help support all the grants we provide to our school.
      • Use CLINK- Extra bags available at the school in the front entryway.
      • Collect Box Tops
      • Submit your "Hannaford Help" receipts at Hannaford. 
      • Come to a fundraising event - This year, we are planning a fall auction. 

Did you know you can earn virtual Boxtops for Education for MDES on all kinds of online shopping you may already be doing? Check out the list of participating retailers - all you need to do is take a few minutes to create an online account.  The link is below.


Join our PTO Google Group email

We have an MDES PTO email group for occasional communication among
parents, teachers and staff.  Hope you will consider joining!

This is a private group for parents, teachers and administrators at mount desert
elementary school to stay connected on school PTO related issues and

To be added to the email group please visit the login in site and apply to join.  It's easy.

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    The goals of the MDES PTO are to promote parent, teacher and community involvement in our school and to work with the school to support quality education for all children.   All meetings are open to all parents, teachers, staff and community members.  This organization is noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan. We organize events that enrich the school community; for example open house, fund raisers, music concerts, snacks at sports events, arts week, visiting artists,  and teacher/staff appreciation day.  

PTO Board Members
Cristy Benson -Co-Chair
Abe Miller-Rushing - Co-Chair
Shanara Gillman - Treasurer
Angela DelVecchio- Secretary