Anti-Christ Sports ***********************

If you have studied the Protocols of Zion (POZ) you probably know that Zionist Jews control the media, especially the big national and international media organizations such as AP, Reuters, ABC, NBC, HLN, CNN, CBS, NY Times, USA Today, Simon & Schuster, Time-Warner, etc.   You can google "Jews control the media" to see for yourself.


Money - If you have studied some of the more enlightening books about Zionism such as the Protocols of Zion, or The Federal Reserve Bank by Eustace Mullins, then you probably know that Zionist Jews control the central banks of the nations, the finances, the power of money.


Wars - Jewish banksters have bragged on their power to bring war or peace, whichever suited their plans.  One reason the Anti Christian Anti White (ACAW) Jews instigated wars was to make Christian nations destroy each other.  That is well known by people who researched the Jew World Order, JWO.  But do you know about Zionism in sports ?


Protocol 13 from the POZ lists SPORT as being one of the forms of entertainment to be created by the Zionists and then advertised by the Jewish press.  Stated simply, the NFL, NBA, NCAA, and other big sports organizations are Zionist creations.


The POZ was written by 1897 or earlier, before the NFL, NBA, NCAA, or other big sports organizations existed.  As usual the Zionists used a gradual subtle approach with big sports like with the classic frog in a pot of water which purportedly can be boiled before he jumps if the heat is turned up so gradually that he doesn't notice the change.


At first, goys were lured into buying a TV with such innocent programming as the Andy Griffith Show, Lassie, Father Knows Best.  The NBA, NFL, and NCAA programming included lots of white NBA, NFL, and college players.  Lots of goys became sports nuts.


After the Jews media propelled sports into the bigtime, the Jews started preaching that sports teams had to have blacks on the teams in the same percentage as the percentage of blacks in the nation.  The Jews media preached that each race should be represented in sports in the same percentage as in the general population. 


The media began this sports propaganda in the late nineteen-sixties when the USA was about 10% black.  So the NBA teams began playing 4 white men and one black man.  Never mind that one in 5 is 20%, not 10%.  Of course this ACAW Jewish plan was also carried out in the NFL, NBA, AFL, ABA, NCAA, etc. 


By the mid Seventies most big sports teams had devolved to about 40% black.  This devilution continued until Zionists Sports became practically 100% black.  Now that white people are virtually banned from sports, you no longer hear the Jews media whining about one race not being represented in the same percentage as in the general population.


The weight lifting, physical fitness programs, body building, and conditioning of big sports turns men into stronger, more muscular, more athletic people.  As the ACAW Jews have brought blacks into sports while pushing out whites, it has weakened whites and strengthened blacks, which of course is just what the ACAW Jews wanted.


The plan to effectively ban white people from sports became a reality. Now it's normal to see basketball and football games where all or nearly all the players are black, with no white people in the game.


Sports pictures of whites in jewspapers show whites in the worst ways - falling down, having a shot blocked by a black player, missing a shot, anything to portray white athletes in the worst ways.


Conversely, the Jews Media portrays blacks in sports as ridiculously heroic, great, wonderful. When Kobe Bryant raped the white girl, the jews media defended him as if he was a wonderful hero who did something great.  Like everything controlled by Zionists and their Jews Media, Sports became ACAW - Anti Christian Anti-White.


The jews media always chooses white people to portray as privileged or unfairly favored. In reality the sports stars in the NBA or NFL are about the most privileged people on earth and they are virtually all black.


Long before there were sports organizations like the NBA or NFL, The Protocols of Zion and similar Jewish plans told how sports would be used to exalt blacks above whites. So now we have sports being used for zionist political agenda. It has become like worldwide wrestling - fake sports.


When Cassius Clay (aka Ali) fought the Brit, Henry Cooper, Clay suffered a hard knockdown. Immediately the "officials" prematurely rang the bell and Clay’s corner man Angelo Dundee cut a pointed spur in Clay’s boxing glove so it would cut Cooper.


A little while later Cooper’s face was bleeding badly due to the sharp spur of Clay’s glove which cut Cooper's skin. The fight was stopped due to bleeding and Clay was declared the winner. Video showing Dundee making the spur in the glove was seldom shown in the jews media naturally.


The Jew Howard Cosell was notorious for announcing that Clay was winning boxing matches even while Clay was backing up or running away from his opponent. Sports gets more fake as Jews gain more control over sports.


Records of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) were copied and released Snowden style, which show that black athletes such as Serena Williams are allowed to use banned substances. Compare this to the suspension of white Christian Maria Sharapova who often wore a cross during her tennis tournaments.


For several years Maria used a prescribed medicine called meldonium among other names. Later WADA banned meldonium but called it by a different name than Maria and her doctor used. The medicine was prescribed under one name but banned under a different name. Apparently, Zionists used WADA to trap Maria who didn’t know that WADA had banned the medicine.


The Jews media uses sports to elevate blacks above whites. The anti-christian Jews don’t want white Christian stars in sports except to make them look bad, clumsyweak. It’s another Protocol of Zion that has gone from plan to reality.