The Semitism Within ***********************

To those who have studied the evidence and done the homework, anti-christ evil is as plain as the sun at noon on a clear day.  The anti-christ Jews have taken over the governments and powerful institutions of the nations.  To those who have been educated by TV, jewspapers, jews media, it seems like Democrats and Muslims are the root cause of most problems.


The Jews Media puts out lots of catch phrases like "anti-government" or "conspiracy theory" as a way to discredit and cast doubt on those telling the truth about Jews subverting government.  It's hard to even think that the worst enemy is Zionist Jews who infiltrated our government, and harder still to face it.  The anti-christs have taken over government and their main goal is to destroy Christianity.

In addressing the leading Jews, chief priests, pharisees, at John 8:44, Jesus explains to them that they are the children of their father the devil and they have the same desires as the devil.


Tolerance for pagan religions, floods of non-christian migrants, outlawing guns, promotion of perversion and pornography as protected free speech, expulsion of Christ from schools and government, promotion of queers and special protections for queers, EEO / AA / diversity / special rights for non-whites / racial preferences, and such evils resulted from Jews subverting "our" government.


One big reason the anti-christ Jews hate white people so much is because Christianity was accepted and spread by white people in Europe much more than by people in Africa or Asia.  Christianity spread quickly throughout Europe but it was rejected in Judea and other places, moreso than in Europe.  Therefore the anti-christ Jews, motivated by their father the devil (John 8:44), hate European people.


The war on Christianity, the war on America, the war on the whole world really, is being waged by Jewish controlled puppet politicians whose election campaigns are financed and promoted by anti-christ Jews.  Its a secret war, an invisible war.  Satan and his children do their evil deeds in darkness, secrecy, so that the won't be seen.  Some puppet politicians seem not to even know they are puppets.  

The great majority of people are not even aware that their government is working against them, or that their government is being used to shut down Christian culture and influence.  We are in a subtle war where the Christian side doesn't know the Jewish side is what's destroying them.  One side doesn't know they are at war.


The Jew World Order JWO has succeeded in dividing the governments against their citizens - Divide & Conquer.  The JWO has turned governments into enemies of their people.  It has been done in such subtle ways that most people don't see it.  In the US government, the JWO made a big power grab by rigging the 1912 presidential election for their puppet Woodrow Wilson.  The "Federal" Reserve Bank, IRS, and WW1 soon followed.

At this point, the anti-christs control practically every big institution that has much power and influence.  As they said the would, the Jews took over without firing a shot in their secret war, a war of which relatively few people are even aware.

Ever since Wilson was president, the JWO has been consolidating power by working from the top down.  Now, about 100 years since the anti-christ Jews began controlling the issue of US currency, the USA is only an empty shell of its former self, rotted out from the inside by the semitism within it.