The Coming Crash ***********************

Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and the rest of the stock markets around the world, like all institutions of vast wealth and great power, are controlled by Zionist Jews.


In the USA, the bankster Jews prefer to time their stock market crashes so that crashes occur under a republican president.  It's a way to make publicans look bad while demonrats are portrayed to look like they know what they are doing, understand business, and are better for the economy than publicans.


The stock market bubble that developed during the Obama presidency is by far the biggest bubble ever.  Even the 1929 market bubble that burst into the big market crash which triggered the great depression was nowhere near the size of the current bubble.


The Y2K crash and 2008 crash were preceded by big bubbles, but the current bubble is much bigger.  When this huge market bubble bursts, it will probably be used as another weapon against Trump; another thing to blame on Trump, another way to make people hate Trump, hate their government, and conditions in general.

Just when the bubble will burst and the market will crash is something only the Rothschild banksters might know.  Whether there will be a recovery after the big crash is something only the top level Zionist Jews might know.  Some people assume that because there was a market recovery after Y2K and 2008 that there will be a recovery next time also.

But the Zionists want the destruction of the USA, the European nations, Australia, white Christian nations, Christianity, the world order as it existed the last few hundred years.  This destruction of Christianity makes another recovery improbable.  The Zionists want to replace the once Christian based order of things with a Jew World Order, JWO, ruled by Supremacist Jews.

Now, the Zionists are destabilizing and destroying what little is left of Christian values, traditions, and government.  That seems to be the purposes of the riots, chaos, wars, transgender toilets, drug addiction, grotesque pornography, migrant madness, and the rest of the evils.  The Zionist super bankers want to replace Christian culture with Zionist dictates coming from a JWO, ruled by Jewish Supremacists.  

The Zionists hope to strengthen the United Nations, UN, "put teeth in the UN" so that all nations become subordinate to the UN, or whatever name the Zionists may choose to call their future version of the UN.  Prior to WW2 it was called the League of Nations.  The Zionists are inciting riots, wars, perversion, strife, and misery to make people eager for a government that will be advertised as the answer to all problems.


After a big market bubble bursts, stock markets crash, economies slow down all over the world, and lots of companies go bankrupt.  Many factories and businesses close, lots of people lose their jobs, and a major depression or at least a severe recession follows.  Creating such economic woe is another way to make people eager for a One World Government, JWO, that will be advertised as the solution to all troubles.


The Zionists played the market crash card against President Reagan with the black Monday market crash of October 1987, with Bush Jr's entry into the white house in Y2K, and with the exit of Bush Jr from 2007 to early 2009 when Obama took office.


Trump has been talking up how well the economy has performed and how the market indexes have gotten higher since he was elected.  But the market rise under Trump looks as if the Supremacist Jews are just raising the hanging gallows a little higher for Trump to have a bigger fall.

Some say that Trump is a crypto Jew, a Jew who hides his Jewish ancestry.  Over a period of time spanning decades, Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump's father, told friends and family that his family was from Sweden.  But the truth is that both of Fred C. Trump's parents were actually from Germany.  Why the lie about his ancestry ?

All of Trump's married children are married to Jews.  Trump's unmarried children are in relationships with Jews. Both Trump's parents died at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.  As president, Trump appointed hordes of Jews to high office in his administration. Trump's father Fred C Trump donated the land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center. Trump's grandfather, Friedrich Trump, ran a brothel / whorehouse, a type of illegal business heavily over represented by Jews. 

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Q. - If Trump and his family are Zionist Jews or Zionist puppets then why does the Jews media try to ruin Trump ? 

A. - Zionists keep goys divided against each other along lines of race, religion, politics, ie minorities vs whites, Catholics vs Protestants, Muslims vs Christians, democrats vs republicans, etc.  The Jews prefer "white republicans" such as Trump to play the leading roles of white christian conservatives. See "Why Jews Trash Trump

Trump donated big money to Hillary Rotten when she ran for senator of Jew York and again when Hillary ran for president against Obama.  Trump was a demonicrat all his adult life until he ran for president.  Trump knows buzz words and sound bites like "fake news" but Trump is just another RINO - Republican In Name Only.

Foxjews is used to promote Trump, lead conservative thinking, and sway Christians.  The Jews media uses CNN and most of mass media to oppose Trump and lead "minorities."  With their money and mass media control, Jews lead both sides of politics, both democrats and republicans, both liberals and conservatives.  The left and right, the dems and pubs, the "minorities" and "majority," are groupings Jews conjured up in order to incite these groups against each other.

As communist leader Vlad Lenin, a Jewish butcher of Russian Christians, famously said - The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. Zionist Jews control both sides of politics, media matters, race issues, and other divisions of people that Jews have created.  Jews control both sides of the 2 opposing parties.  Trump is a puppet on a stage, sometimes reading his lines from teleprompters just as Obama did.

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. - Benjamin Disraeli - Jewish Prime Minister of the British Empire circa 1868-1880.

The world is a stage - Shakespeare

A stock market crash worse than the crash of 1929, followed by a depression worse than the great depression, would be more fuel the Jews could use to make people hate their government, want to overthrow it, destroy white Christian culture, and replace the old Christian order with a Jew World Order, as shown by plans in the Protocols of Zion.