The Great Deception ********************

The Israel of God will be the Israel that Jesus the Real Messiah will rule.  The rule of Jesus is prophesied to come after Jesus destroys the false messiah who will rule from Jerusalem’s temple mount per 2 Thess 2, prior to Jesus returning.  

When Jesus returns, the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord.  The false Israel ruled by the false messiah will be replaced by the real Israel ruled by the real messiah Jesus.  Devilish government will be replaced by God's government.

Herein, the term Zionist Jews, Anti-Christ Jews, or Judaism Jews is used to distinguish Anti-Christ Jews from Christian Jews.  Zionist Jews reject Christ as an impostor.  The Zionist controlled Israel of the present is the anti-Christian Israel from which the false messiah will rule at Jerusalem.  Jesus will return and destroy this false messiah who is called the man of sin in some bible translations. 

Present day Israel is an anti-christ deception ruled by the devil and his children.  Jesus told the anti-christ Jews - You are the children of your father the devil and you want to do the desires of your father - John 8:44.


2nd Thess 2 clearly states that Jesus will not come until after the false messiah is revealed.  The false messiah hasn’t been revealed yet, hasn’t been set up on the temple mount in Jerusalem claiming he is God yet.  Nobody is going to be gathered up to meet Jesus in the air until Jesus returns.  Jesus doesn't return until after the false messiah is revealed, 2 Thess 2.

Multitudes of Christians will die in the tribulations per God's Word shown by the article on the Rapture Doctrine.  Everyone would die unless Jesus comes and cuts that time short for the sake of His elect.  That’s not what lots of televangelists teach and not what people who listen to them believe, but that's God’s word straight from the bible, as scripture in the Rapture Doctrine article points out.


The religion of nearly all of Israel's Jews is Judaism, the religion of the Sanhedrin, the chief priests, pharisees, scribes, the religion which persecuted Jesus and murdered him, stoned Stephen to death, and persecuted the Christians, the followers of Jesus.


Practically all nations are now controlled by Zionist Jews.  Much of the power of the United Nations (UN) and the Jew World Order comes from the USA, especially the military arm of Zionism.  The US military is the primary Zionist weapon for invading and overthrowing governments of other nations as demonstrated with recent overthrows of Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan - Arab nations around Israel.  These wars are instigated by Zionist banksters in their devilish obsession to rule the world.


Zionists chose Switzerland for world banking headquarters.  Zionists keep Switzerland out of the wars and kept it neutral so Zionist super bankers can do business with both sides of a war from Switzerland.  By keeping Switzerland neutral during war, keeping Switzerland out of wars, the Zionists can use Switzerland as their financial hub for doing business with both sides in a war.  Zionists can influence and do business with all nations during wars, and manipulate any nation regardless of which side of the war a nation is on.  

The USA has been turned into a Zionist puppet like so many other nations before.  The Zionists are using the US military as a killing machine for destruction, murder, madness, and mayhem.  The US military and law enforcement agencies may be turned on US citizens eventually, especially those loyal to Christ; like what happened to Russia under communist Jew Joseph Stalin.


The Rothschild banking empire is at the top of the Zionist hierarchy, at the top of the heap, among Satan’s human rulers and puppets.  Obama was financed and put in office mainly by George Soros, a Jewish super banker and long time Rothschild agent.  In similar fashion the banksters used money to elect and control  puppets such as Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Joe Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Al Franken, Nancy Pelosi, et al and lots of other corrupt politicians.  

The politicians on TV the most, are the politicians who do the bidding of Zionists most.  The politicians who the Jews media treats best are the politicians who obey the Zionists best.  The Zionists prefer political puppets who are easily misled, instead of truly Christian politicians who are more resistant to corruption and crooked government.


The Rothschilds rose to power in Frankfurt, Germany in the late 1700s from the ill gotten wealth of Mayer Amschel Rothschild who set up his 5 sons in banks at London, Paris, Vienna, Naples, and Frankfurt.  The London and Paris based banks are said to be the most influential.  The world bank, the IMF, the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bank of England, the Bank of France, and other central banks, are samples of financial institutions controlled by Zionist banksters.  

The Zionist Jews use the astounding wealth from their control of the central banks of the nations to elect or un-elect any politicians they please.  Thereby the rulers of the nations are in reality just political puppets whose strings are pulled by Zionist super bankers.  The Zionists in turn are the children of the devil, Satan's puppets, the top level of the human hierarchy by which Satan rules this dark world.

Zionists finance politicians who are easy to manipulate and un-finance, un-elect, instead of Christian politicians who are harder for bankster Jews to manipulate.  Jews strongly oppose true Christians in politics.  Like many other nations, the USA has become a puppet nation of the Zionists as more and more of "our" congressmen and top leaders have become subverted and controlled by the Zionists.  George Soros reportedly spent $800 million to put Obama in office.  

The USA, like all major nations, has become a captive nation of the Zionists and Israel.  All this is of course hidden by the Jews Media.   One big reason the Zionists took over the media was to cover up their corruption of politics, finance, the world's economies, and the rest of their evil Zionist agenda.

It was Israel’s secret intelligence agency, the Mossad, which planted the demolition explosives at the WTC which brought down the skyscrapers on 9/11 including WTC-7 which was not even touched by a plane.  If you doubt it, just google"false flag" 9/11 "USS Liberty"  

Israel's attack on the USS Liberty was a false flag operation to provoke the USA into war against Egypt similar to how 9/11 was a false flag attack by Irael's Mossad to provoke the USA against Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Arab nations around Israel.  

The 9/11 attack worked for the Zionists too, because the USA did attack the Arab nations after 9/11.  The Mossad is Israel's spy agency equivalent to the CIA in the US.  The Mossad slogan is "By way of deception you shall wage war."


Israel attacked the USS Liberty like with so many other false flag operations Israel has done.  The evil that Zionist controlled Israel has done is mind boggling.  To defend present day Zionist controlled Israel is to defend Satan, anti-christs, the most evil people on the planet.  Most Christians don’t realize all this because Zionists control the News Media.  Truth is hidden and Zionist propaganda is promoted by the Jews Media for the Jew World Order, JWO.   

So, people believe lots of the Zionist news they see on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NY Times, Associated Press, big religion, the televangelists, and the rest of mass media which portrays Israel as good, heroic, The Chosen People , God’s people, etc.  Good the Zionists call evil and evil they call good, as prophesied.


The Zionist plans, as exposed in the Protocols of Zion POZ, call for setting up a world government to rule the earth with the Nasi (messiah of Judaism) ruling the world from Jerusalem.  So many of the POZ plans have become reality in the hundred years plus since they were first exposed and published that it cannot possibly be some freak accident that all these plans became realities.  

POZ plans were put in practice by the Zionists and brought to fruition.  When the false messiah comes to power on the temple mount, he will be Satan’s prince, not God's prince.  Christian peoples should not defend the Zionists, their demonic Christ-hating religion of Judaism, nor any of their anti Christian evil.

The Balfour Declaration laid the foundation for Stalin to drive Jews from Russia to Palestine and for Hitler to herd Jews from Europe to Palestine using such cruel tactics as starvation and war to do it.  The Balfour Declaration could have been more accurately named the Rothschild Declaration because it was a creation of the Rothschilds.  But the super bankers operate in secret, through front men, puppets, so the Rothschilds named it the Balfour Declaration instead of the Rothschild Declaration.  

Notice that it was Judaism Jews, not Christian Jews, who were rounded up and sent to Israel by Stalin and Hitler.  If you read and study much about the Balfour Declaration and how the Rothschilds laid that rotten egg, then you see that present day Israel is another rotten fruit of the bankster Jews.  The current version of Israel is a pit of vipers ruled by Satan’s Zionists, the children of the devil.  It will be overthrown when Jesus destroys the man of sin, the leader of anti-Christ Israel, the false messiah, when Jesus returns, per 2nd Thes 2.

When the Rothschilds used heads of state like Stalin and Hitler to herd Jews from Russia, Poland, Germany, Europe,  to Palestine, the focus was on sending Judaism Jews to Palestine / Israel, not Christian Jews.  ThZionists wanted to keep Christians out of Israel except for purposes which serve Zionist interests.  Consequently the religion of the Jews in current day Israel is Judaism as shown by the records below.


The major religions in Israel are as follows: Judaism 80.1 percent; Islam 14.6 percent; Christianity 2.1 percent; and other 3.2 percent - Source:  You can get it from the horse’s mouth if you scroll down the webpage linked here, about 60% of the way down.


Below is another source -


According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, at the end of 2004, 76.2% of Israelis were Jewish by religion (Judaism), 16.1% were Muslims, 2.1% Christian, 1.6% Druze and the remaining 3.9% (including Russian immigrants and some ethnic Jews) were not classified by religion


Religious Makeup of Israel



% of total













Unclassified by choice




Official figures do not exist as to the number of atheists or otherwise non-affiliated individuals, who may comprise up to a quarter of the population referred to as Jewish.





Palestine had a substantial number of Christians prior to Israel being declared a nation in place of Palestine.  The Jews drove Christian Palestinians out of their homes and land so that the percentage of Christians dropped from about 20% to less than 2% from the 1940s forward, according to sources such as the one below -


"During the first half of the 20th century, Palestine, like modern Lebanon, was home to many Christians. In 1945, 20 percent were Christians. But in 1948, 100,000 terrorized Christian Palestinians fled from the Israelis into neighboring countries; many would spend the rest of their lives in detention camps. Today only 2 percent of Israelis are Christians."



The religious affiliation of the Israeli population as of 2011 was 75.4% Jewish, 16.9% Muslim, 2.1% Christian, and 1.7% Druze, with the remaining 4.0% not classified by religion.[2]


Most Christians living permanently in Israel are Arabs or have come from other countries to live and work mainly in churches or monasteries, which have long histories in the land.





Prior to 1948 when Israel was resurrected from the grave, a substantial percentage of the Palestinians in Israel were Christians, but they were killed and driven out of their nation when the Zionists took over.  You don’t have to think very long to realize why Zionists use their control of the media to portray all Arabs as Muslims so that Christian America and Christian Europe don’t worry much about Palestinians being terrorized and driven out of their country by Zionists.  

With their control of the media, the Zionists have practically all Christians believing that the Palestinians were all Muslims, but a substantial percentage of the Palestinians were Christians.  Now, those Christian Palestinians are homeless and nationless refugees in foreign nations because the Zionists murdered many of them, robbed them of their homes, drove them out of Palestine, and took their land.


One big reason the elders and leaders of Judaism rejected Jesus and crucified him was because they wanted to rule the world instead of yielding to Jesus.  Satan offered Jesus the option to rule the world but Jesus rejected it.  Jesus refused to bow down to Satan.  So instead of Jesus, Satan worked through the money changers and Zionists such as Annas, Caiaphas, the Sanhedrin, the Jews, the anti-christs.  Today the money changers are the Rothschild banking empire, IMF, Bank of International Settlements, and central banks of the nations.


Modern Zionism in a nutshell - The descendants of Judaism Jew M.A. Rothschild & his Zionist banking partners are the top level executives in the age old push to establish anti-christ Jews as rulers of the world.  The banksters work through Judaism like they work through the masons, rotary clubs, and secret agencies.  But Judaism has far more clout than the other clubs. Banksters own mass media and finance their most obedient political puppets into high government office.

Zionists established the League of Nations at the end of WW1.  At the end of WW2 the Zionists changed the name of the League of Nations to the United Nations.  The Zionists established Israel immediately after they set up the UN in the late forties after WW2.  The Zionist Jews rule the world through Israel, the UN, USA, UK, France, the major nations, with their puppet politicians who control the nations' governments.


The Zionists are almost ready to mandate their One World Government and One World Religion.  When you see The Abomination That Causes Desolation set up at the temple mount in Jerusalem, the great tribulations are here.  The abomination of desolation will be the false messiah setting himself up on the temple mount and claiming that he is God's Messiah, as prophesied at 2nd Thess 2.  People who haven't studied prophecy probably won't recognize it.

The riots centering around the temple mount now are organized by Zionists  to take the temple mount away from the Arabs who have had it since about 688 AD when the dome of the rock mosque was built on the temple mount.

Update: In December 2017 a synagogue, a Jewish Temple, opened on the temple mount in Jerusalem - see Temple Mount


The UN headquarters are at New York City.  As usual the Zionists  are using a puppet, a front group, the USA in this case, to be the fall guy, to be blamed for UN evils.  As usual the Zionist tactic is for the puppet to be blamed for the evil that the Zionists direct the puppet to do.  

The USA has been set up to be the puppet, the scapegoat, the stooge, the fall guy, the one to blame for the evils of the UN such as the wars on the Muslim nations.  The Zionists want their the horror to be blamed on their puppets such as Stalin, Hitler, Bush, Obama, and the USA.  

The Zionists don’t use their own dinner plates as toilet pans, they use gentile dinner plates instead.  Just as the Zionists used Germany and Hitler as their puppets to be blamed for WW2, the Zionists seem poised to blame the USA for current day evil such as the bombings, murders, torture of the mid-east peoples of nations around Israel.  

The Zionists will likely blame "Christian America" and "Christian Europe" for little girls with their arms or legs blown off by bombs dropped from US fighter jets.  But these wars are of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews, and maliciously instigated by Zionist Jews.


Also note that New York City has the greatest percentage of Jews of any big city in the USA.  Its no accident.  First we take Manhattan - as the song goes.  Zionist Jews own NYC more than any other city in the USA, but LA / Hollywood is crawling with Jews in high places also.  This Zionist influence, the children of the devil, is why NYC and Hollywood / LA are the most evil cities in the US.


If we listen to TV preachers and mass media religion instead of the bible, we disobey God.  He commands us to listen to God, not men.  It's for very good reason God told us to listen to Him instead of men.  Just like Eve, we get fooled into swallowing the poison if we listen to sources other than God in spiritual matters and religion.  

It’s amazing how Satan has deceived the world into believing that the anti-christs are the chosen people.  But for many years I also swallowed that brainwash.  The Zionist Jews and Israel are by far the most anti-christian people in existence, perhaps the only anti-christian people, yet many Christians think of Jews and Israel as "the Chosen People." Millions of Christians swallow this kool-aid and then go back for more.

The bible defines anti-christ as anyone who denies Jesus, or doesn't acknowledge Jesus.  Nobody else comes close to denying Christ as forcefully as the Jews and modern day Israel.  Nobody but the Judaism Jews opposed Christ and Christianity even a fraction as much as the Judaism Jews did, and it continues today.  Only the Judaism Jews crucified Christ, murdered His followers, and tried to destroy Christianity.  Zionist Jews are the most anti-Christ people on the earth.  Jews are the anti-christs John wrote about in first and second John.

The so-called chosen people, current day Israel, Zionist Jews, that TV preachers and the Jews media promote are actually the great deception of the end time which the bible warns against.  When their false messiah rises to power at the temple mount in Jerusalem, don't fall for it.