For this activity, I was aiming for the fourth grade level. Usually, state facts are taught in the fourth grade in Nebraska. However, if you do not live in Nebraska, feel free to alter this to the grade level that is most appropriate. I used state standards for this activity, however, you may also have to alter these to fit with your district standards. I put my students into groups. However, depending on your class make-up and size, this can be altered. 

In the fourth grade, one of the big units we focus on is state facts. This extends far past the capital, size, location, and state bird of Nebraska. We focus on the history of our state. Who first settled in Nebraska? Where did they come from and what heritage where they? What were their customs? This activity would come as a closer to our unit. The students would use the knowledge they have just learned, as well as any other logical resource (encyclopedia, textbooks, internet) to 'research' for this project. Most importantly, this should be a fun activity for the students. As teachers, we need to make learning as fun as we can, while we can.