Welcome!! My name is Jessica Gress and I am currently a senior at Nebraska Wesleyan University. I am majoring in Elementary Education. Currently, I am student teaching in Wahoo Elementary School. When I'm not attending school, I work as a dental assistant at an orthodontist office here in Lincoln. I love my job because I get to work with children of all ages. 

This site was originally designed for my Instructional Technology class at NWU. I used this site to link up most of my projects throughout the semester, as well as keeping everyone informed! I hope students, parents, and fellow teachers find these links as helpful resources in the future. I enjoyed getting to know this new technology and I'm happy to share my projects with all whom are willing to enjoy!!

The Webquest that I have designed should be used for 3rd through 5th Grade students. The students will research facts about the state of Nebraska and create a brochure to entice vacationers to visit our state. The students will also present their brochures to the rest of the class and we will make enough copies to set outside our room for other students to view!



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