Welcome Back to School!
        I Hope You Had a Great Summer!

The students in Ms. Gregori's art classes created the beautiful leopard statue of our mascot, that was placed at the entrance of the school to welcome all who enter the campus.  Many student artists spent countless hours over a period of a year and a half to create the statue. 

The first step to creating the statue involved making an armature, or base.  Our leopard's base is made from styrofoam and chicken wire.  Next
came the concrete, which was applied directly into and over the chicken wire by Ms. Gregori.  From there, the students applied the mosaic tiles.  They first had to break and shape the tile pieces, then attach them to the concrete structure.  Some students created the nose and eyes out of ceramic clay.  The tile pieces were then grouted with tinted grout, and covered with a sealant to protect it from the weather
The statue was dedicated to Mr. Jason Picetti in June, when the final statue was unveiled and the plaque displayed for all to see.  Mr. Picetti was chosen to be honored because of his constant leopard pride during his ten years teaching at La Entrada School.

Art of the Day

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          New Library Mural

If you've been to La Entrada lately, you've probably noticed the new mural at the front of the school library.  This wonderful creation was designed by 8th graders Ben K., Kasey L., Jaya B., Julie B., Kathryn M. and Celina C. under the supervision of Heather Ostrom and myself.  Muralist, Ellen Silva, transferred the students' design onto the walls of the library, so the painting could begin.  Almost 80 students, from 4th through 8th grades, spent a weekend painting the mural and making it come to life.  I want to thank those who gave up time on their weekend to come and help with the project, including Sonya Dineen, Diana Romley, and Tanya Rianda.  This project wouldn't have been possible without the support of Larry Thomas, Sonya Dineen and the wonderful parents of the Foundation who raised the funds for this project.