Sample Lessons

I have provided three sample lessons. I may or may not use these exact activities throughout the year, but I wanted to provided you with a few sample of lessons have used before. This is just a glimpse of my teaching methods. I feel that seeing samples of lessons I have used before can give you, as parents, incite into how my mind works. 
Quadrilateral PowerPoint
I have created a PowerPoint presentation about ifferent types of quadrilaterals. This particular PowerPoint can be used to introduce the material or to review the material. It provides visual aids and allows for student interaction.

PowerPoint Project.ppt

Money Practice VoiceThread
VoiceThread is an online tool that allows for both visual and auditory learning. I have created a VoiceThread presentation that deals with money. It helps students with learning the value of money, adding money, and money word problems.

Declaration of Independence Lesson Plan
I have provided a sample of a lesson plan that I have adapted to best fit my class. I have attached the lesson plan I created as well as a link to the original lesson plan. Just as everything else I have included on this page, I may or may not use this exact lesson in class. What I have provided is simply for example. Please note, I have not attached the the activity sheets or the assessments. I have not attached the activity sheet in order to avoid copyright violation and I did not include the assessment because I would like to reuse it from year to year. This lesson plan was adapted from a unit plan I found online. Original Lesson Plan

lesson plan.doc