Greatest Hits

 interactive Links:
  • This website provides interactive games and activities that students can use to practice math skills both in the classroom and at home. The game “Escape from Fraction Manor” directly correlates to the 4th grade math standard #13. This standard states that students should be able to compare fractions with different numerators. This game is an interactive way for students to practice comparing fractions.
  • Spelling City is a way for students to customize games and activities to their specific spelling lists. Students can play games and used flashcards that have only their spelling words.This is in compliance with the 4th grade English Laguage Arts stardard #1, the ability to recognize words whether it be reading, or writing. This is an excellent tool to use both in the classroom and at home.
  •     This is a site where students can practice their summarization skills. It is interactive and can be specific to the student. This particular site goes along with English standard #3. That standard states that students should be able to comprhend reading materials using different techniques; summarization is one of those techniques.
  •     This is a site that provides various math practice games. The multiplication games can be linked to math standards #1, 12, 13, and several others regarding multiplication and fractions. This site is particularly useful because there are different levels of difficulty in the games. This gives students the ability to self differentiate; they can work on the level that is reasonably challenging for them. This can be used as extra practice in the classroom as well as at home.
  • Cool Math is an excellent site for teachers to utilize and share with students. It is in compliance with all of the math standards for fourth grade. It has interactive games, a math dictionary, puzzles, links to math books, and a lot more. This can be extremely useful when finding new and entertaining ways to convey math concepts. Students can also access it and play interactive educational games.
  • This website is both an interactive tool as well as an informational tool. Students can engage in academic games and online activities. While, parents and teachers can gain educational tools and resources to help further a child's education. The games provided are not specific to one subject area's ALCOS; the games cover many subjects and course of study objectives.
  • This is a wonderful interactive tool focused on science subjects. It is similar to a virtual museum where students can explore various topics with science. This can be very help when working on science projects at home or in the classroom to demonstrate certain aspects of science. Also, feel free to use this at home on a rainy day; it is very interesting, even for adults!
  • I have linked the game section of this website. I feel that the games provided are extremely educational and use characters the students know and love from PBS television shows. The games are educational and cover a broad spectrum of subject areas.
  • This site is especially helpful for students who struggle with reading and reading comprehension. This site is an interactive reading site that incorporates games, and listening into online stories. This is very helpful for students who need extra practice with reading. This site makes reading fun for the kids.
These are links to websites that I find extremely useful. I may use them in the classroom, but feel free to explore at home.

Worksheets and informational Sites:
  •     Science standard #5 call for students to be able to to describe the interactions, behaviors, and interdependence of animals. These videos provide an entertaining way for students to learn more about animals visually. This link will be used in the classroom, but can also be used at home.
  •     Social Studies standard #9 and #10 both call for the understanding of African American History in and pertaining to Alabama. This website is a great informational tool for students to get information about Afrcan American History for projects or other assignments. This will be used for projects in the classroom and can also be used at home.
  •     Social Studies standards #2 ,3, and several others involve history in regards to Alabama. This is a website that has worksheets, activities, puzzles, etc. all involvng Alabama history. This will be utilized in the classroom for activities and assignments, but can also be used at home for extra practice.
  •     Character traits are not the easiest concept to teach to 4th graders, but this site provides lesson pla ideas, and activites that help teach these traits. The site promotes responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, and other traits. This is a useful site because it not only provides teacher aids, but also discussion prompts that are age appropriate for the 4th graders. This is site provides information that is in compliance with all of the Character Education standards.
  • Scholastic is a wonderful website to obtain tools and resources, strategies, activities, books and other services to help the academic life of children. Things can be acquired specific to grade level and subject area. This is an excellent tool to use at home to find fun educational activities as well as books that are age and reading level appropriate. 
  • This is a site that allows the student to review a book he or she has read. It is a great tool to practice recall and comprehension. This works along with the English Language Arts standard #3 in that it is a strategy to comprehend a variety of fourth grade reading materials. I feel that this is also way of keeping track of a student's progress. It could also be used as a form of assessment.