About/Contact Ms. G

I am one of the 8th grade science teachers at Jordan. This is my 6th year at Jordan (and 5th year teaching!). 

I graduated from UCSC in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies, and a minor in Education. I went on to complete my Masters in Education at UCSC and completed this right before the start of my 1st year teaching!

I have been presenting at conferences for the past few years. I am a Merit Fellow, Google Educator, CUE Rockstar Faculty, RCE Educator, and enjoy learning about different tech tools to use in the classroom.  

I LOVE the outdoors. I am an avid hiker and also belong to the fungus federation! I enjoy cooking/baking, and read books when I am not foraging through forests. 

I am also OBSESSED with my dog Willow. You will probably be sick of hearing about her by the end of the year!

Some random facts about me:
Favorite food: Thai
Collecting habit: magnets from places I visit
Football Team: Detroit LIONS!!!
Baseball: SF Giants
Basketball: Golden State Warriors
Favorite Baseball Player: Buster Posey
Favorite Football Player: Calvin Johnson
Favorite Animal: Dogs ...and cows!
I got married this summer! My complete last name is Goldsworthy-Pearl