Going Tribal with CSUSM

posted Apr 5, 2013, 6:43 PM by Dawn Gernhardt

I enjoyed listening to Seth Godin’s Tribes audiobook. The subject of leadership being accessible to all, now, is incredibly important today with our global- and technology-driven society. The dozens of inspiring people highlighted in Tribes was interesting. I found myself opening a second tab, and searching several people and companies while listening. After listening to Tribes, I wanted to play the audiobook for my family so they can be inspired. Also, based on an anecdote and reference shared in the Tribes, my brother-in-law was a “Dead Head” and I asked him what 2-14-70 meant. He instantly new it was a Grateful Dead concert date! That made me laugh. We talked about Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead not “selling records” but creating a space for people to listen to music—together, and how that impact every industry who aspires to create customer-focused “marketing.” Jerry lives on!

I tweeted my favorite ten quotes from Tribes. Now here are ten quotes my fellow teacher candidates from CSU San Marcos tweeted, and my reaction.

1.      Heidy Hochstein@heyhoch  “The one path that never works is the most common one, doing nothing at all.” Seth Godin. Tribes. Hi Heidy. Yes, the path of doing nothing is well traveled.

2.      Lesley Gonzalez@lglez089  “You can't lead without imagination.” Seth Godin. Hi Lesley, Yes, and we all have imagination. Be careful what you dream. J

3.      Woodrow Guida@WGuida16  “What people are afraid of isn’t failure. It’s blame. Criticism.” Seth Godin. Hi Woodrow, yes, and looking bad or stupid in front of others.

4.      Kyleigh McCune@KyMcCune88  "The only thing holding you back from becoming the kind of person that changes things is this; lack of faith.” Hi Kyleigh, Ouch. That hurts, but it’s also true. I think the other things that hold us back are our other commitments and time—or maybe that’s just lack of faith manifesting itself in excuses?!

5.      Morgan Bates@bates013 “Leaders make a ruckus.” -Seth Godin. Hi Morgan, Yes, and that means all the leaders, even the fallen and now obsolete made a rukus at one time.

6.      Sean Imon Sullins@SeanSullins "The desire to fail on the way to reaching a bigger goal is the untold secret of success." (Tribes) Hi Sean. Yes, and it sounds so scary because something has got to be at stake for someone to succeed. If you lose what’s at stake, will you survive. Of course. Have you heard the question: Who has failed more, the homeless person on the street or the leader of a business? The leader of a business.

7.      Noha Bushra@nbushra100  "The new highly leveraged tools of the net make it easier than ever to create a movement" -Seth Godin. Hi Noha, Yes, that’s so true. Great examples were during last year’s protests , such as the 99% and in those in Egypt, and more.

8.      Hawley Laterza@hawleylaterza ".. too many organizations care about numbers, not fans"- Seth Godin, Tribes. Hi Hawley. Yes, hopefully that’s starting to change. But then, do some try to care about fans, but find themselves caring about the number of fans?

9.      Brandon Maze@BrandoMaze "Instead of wondering when you next vacation is maybe you ought to set up a life you don't need to escape from" –Godin. Hi Brandon, Okay, now I’m feeling bad that I can’t wait for a break and celebration of summer after the teaching program. Ha.

10.  Alexa Scheidler@acscheidler  “People don’t believe what you tell them,...rarely believe what you show them... often believe what their friends tell them...” SG Hi Alexa. Yes, any time I want to try a new business, product, or service that has risk, I’ll first ask my friends for recommendations.