Common Core EdChat

posted May 30, 2013, 3:30 PM by Dawn Gernhardt

I participated on an #caeduchat Edchat regarding the Common Core on April 14, 2013.

At the beginning of the educhat, it was a little frustrating because there are so many jokes and hellos getting started. I think the next time I’ll log in about five to ten minutes into the talk to avoid reading unrelated tweets.

Overall, most teachers are hoping that CCSS moves from bubble tests to measuring application of knowledge. Teachers tweeted regarding the CCSS being the potential gateway to: creativity, validating what teachers are already doing, tech infusion, no more worksheets, students are in control, teachers get to work with other departments, we will be teaching thinking, not regurgitation, students will use critical thinking, there will be a non-fiction focus, there will be “20% time,” and more collaboration. While other participants were happy as parents that it means their own children’s education would be improving.

Of course there was a mix of excitement and apprehension at most school sites according to these teachers. One tweeter brought a good point by saying, “Elephant in the room CCSS is a cash cow for a couple companies, and a cash drain for CA schools. #caedchat. I responded to her and asked her to say more about that. Isn’t that the same as it was with big publishers that already run start testing? I appreciated her comment, even though it is kind of a bubble buster.  Other similar cautions included: “Teachers need to define what they mean, not outside companies” and “I’m concerned that Common Core Aligned will have to be stamped on everything now.”

The moderators interjected with thought-provoking questions to keep the discussion focused and fresh, such as “Do you think Common Core will change the way we teach? If so, how? If not, why?” and “What challenges do you foresee as our state begins to implement Common Core?”

I found a few interesting teachers to follow. I am interested in finding out more about Digital High School, which was brought up by a tweeter. I joined Scoopit due to Common Core information recommended there in a tweet. Overall it was a valuable and rewarding way for me to connect with other California Teachers regarding the common core, which affects us all.