Nitefinder Mod 2

The PKD/Nerf mod 

Here's the gun after getting sanded, masked off, and Bondo-ed into submission. (wow, that sounds's also kind of funny too) 

 Then you hit the gun with primer...

Then you finish the finish off with flat black paint and matte clear coat. Voila!

Here's a little detail. In the best situation I would have installed more LEDs in the gun, but I'm not an electronics wiz. So I faked it out with a couple of 3mm rhinestones. It actually looks better than it sounds.

So there you go. Does it look like Deckard's gun? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyway, the take-home message is that, for $6, the Nerf Nitefinder is a really good intro into modifying existing toys to look more like movie props. They also shoot really, really well.

Anyway, Noeland, who is one of my new friends on Propsummit, did some very interesting work in Photoshop. His Photoshop job is suggestive of the things I might do to make the gun look more like a Blade Runner prop.

The one thing here which is perfectly doable is to repaint the grip. I think that's gold, or maybe copper. The original gun had a transparent amber grip. The yellow metallic finish really does look right. All I would need to do would be to wrap most of the gun in brown paper, then mask off the edges of where I'd want to paint.

The triggers are a whole 'nother story, however. He did another Photoshopped picture to show how it could be done: 

The black areas ringed around with dotted lines are the places which could be cut out with a rotary tool to give the sense that there is a second trigger. However, to do this would require cracking the gun open. Not an easy thing to do if you have already filled in the screw holes with Bondo, sanded the Bondo down to where it is level with the body, and painted over it all. I also killed one other Nitefinder this way: taking the thing apart, without the ability to put it back together to where it worked again. I still have the crippled Nitefinder. It doesn't shoot, however, and part of my project was to preserve the "Nerf-iness" of the gun. Gotta be able to participate in a Nerf dart melee with the thing.

The placement of the LEDs in his Photoshopped picture also are pretty dead solid perfect, unlike mine. I followed the indentations in the gun. He just put them where it looked right. Maybe I should get four more rhinestones out and see if that would look good. Maybe not.

If you are really good at this Nerf-modding thing, maybe this would be suggestive of what you can do to really make this a PKD-mod. Contact me via Gmail. My user id is msgeek703, as you can see from my URL. If you manage to do this mod right, I'll put the picture of the gun here and give you your propers.