My Squelchy, Geeky Life

A page of all my geeky project links, 

just so they are all in one place. 

Links galore! Follow them wherever they take you! 

Oh yeah, one other thing: what is it with all the squelchiness? 


Let me explain.


In 1992, Brian Eno put out an album called "Nerve Net." The original title was "My Squelchy Life" and the title track which was apparently one of the first recorded had typically cryptic Eno sound-poem lyrics. If you read them, you realize that basically they were chosen because they sounded right with the music, rather than for their meaning. He explained the whole process to Lester Bangs once. Eno was a big fan of the Dadaists, particularly Kurt Schwitters, and used a Kurt Schwitters sound poem in a piece of music once.


For some reason the song title stuck with me, and when it came to titling this page it just popped out from my keyboard. Now I've got a blog on the Beta version of Blogger/Blogspot, and I wound up calling that "My Squelchy Blog."


Ultimately, the geek view of the world is that of the perpetual outsider. And geeks tend to enhance that geekiness rather than try to assimilate. Eno is a hero to me, and has been since I was first introduced to his music in the '70s. I think the reason why he's remained an admirable figure when so many others have disappointed is that he is and remains geeky and doesn't change himself for any reason but his own reasons. Even when he was a "rock star" with the original Roxy Music he was geeky. Even though Bowie would pose as alien, it was Eno who seemed like he was from another planet. Somehow or another he's managed to live his life on his own terms. Good for him.