McCain/Palin equals death

We are just one Supreme Court justice away from the repeal of Roe. 

I know that women who have wanted to see a woman elected President of the United States are angry that Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination. I know that a small subset of these women say, in their anger, that they will vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

I will ask these women to think over, very carefully, what that choice of John McCain and Sarah Palin over Barack Obama and Joe Biden truly means.

We are only one justice away from an anti-Choice majority on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. That's it. Only one justice away. Justice John Paul Stevens, who has been consistently pro-Choice, is 88 years old. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is in her seventies. Justice Steven Breyer is pushing 70. If any of these justices dies or decides to retire, they must be replaced by pro-Choice justices to keep the balance and preserve both Roe vs. Wade and the Griswold decision that preceded it. Griswold allows women to have safe and legal birth control.

John McCain and Sarah Palin are anti-Choice

This is what the map will look like the day after Roe vs. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court:

The bright red states have "trigger laws" that outright ban abortion the day after Roe is overturned. The pink states are those which are leaning towards an abortion ban. And the white states are those which have protection for Choice in the state constitution.

What will this mean for the women in these red states?

We have historical evidence that this will mean that women will die. Follow these links for further information:

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And even without consulting the history books, abortion is not 100% legal throughout the world. In places where abortion is illegal and unsafe, deaths and maimings are a daily occurance.

Illegal abortions rampant in Latin America

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Blanket ban on Abortion in Nicaragua

In countries where abortion is unsafe and illegal, there are outs for the wealthy. It was common practice for the wealthy in the United States pre-Roe to travel to countries where abortion was safe and legal and have the abortion there. Less common but also something which did happen was doctors being bribed to perform what they would later say was a "therapeutic dilation and curettage," or D & C, in their office or even in some private hospitals. You could call a procedure like this a Beverly Hills abortion, due to the fact that Beverly Hills doctors had a reputation of doing such procedures, if the price was right, from the Roaring Twenties straight through to the Roe decision of 1973.

This is the inconvenient truth the anti-Choice movement wants people to ignore: if you ban abortion, women will get abortions anyway. And women will die. Women will be maimed. Women will lose their fertility. Women will be permanently scarred for life.

Not just abortion: contraception is under the gun

The anti-Choice movement doesn't just want to ban abortion. What they really have their sights on is the Griswold vs. Connecticut decision of 1965. Did you know that in 1965 it was a crime to give out contraceptives, or even talk about contraception? Can you believe that? Well, BELIEVE IT: IT'S HISTORICAL FACT. John McCain is sympathetic to the anti-Choice Right's opposition even to birth control. George W. Bush even tried to ramrod an anti-contraception zealot as head of our family planning program. And George W. Bush and John McCain are on the same page with regard to abortion and birth control.

The religious anti-Choice movement does not even believe that women should plan their pregnancies in the context of a marriage. And this is not just Catholic anti-Choice believers, this notion has entered Evangelical Protestantism as the Quiverfull movement. Quiverfull Evangelicals believe that God, not a husband and a wife, should make the decisions on family size, and are rabidly anti-contraception. They believe that a woman's place is to have as many children as possible, and to care for them in the home. This is no joke. This is reality.

Obama/Biden are not perfect on Choice, but they are better than McCain/Palin

We'd rather have a candidate that is 100% pro-Choice. However, Obama is a far cry from the horror that would result from four more years of Bush policies from John McCain. Aside from voting to ban intact dilation and extraction, the medical procedure melodramatically called "partial birth abortions" by anti-Choice groups, Obama has been pro-Choice all the way down the line.

The alternative is untenable. John McCain's views on Choice are untenable. Maybe they are not as bad as, say, Mike Huckabee's views, but they would represent a continuation of the Bush White House's war on women.

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