2014-2015 Assembly Officers
Fr. Okey J. Uche, OCD - Faithful Friar
Thomas Quintana - Faithful Navigator
Edgar Montalvo - Faithful Captain
Victor Martinez - Faithful Pilot
David Lopez - Faithful Comptroller
Nestor Herrera - Faithful Purser
Ernie Berces - Faithful Scribe
Eduardo Cortes - Faithful Admiral
William Lopez - Faithful Sentinel
Rafael Mendez - Faithful Sentinel
Robert Goins - Faithful Sentinel
Conrad Villegas - Faithful Sentinel
Dale Pittman - One Year Trustee
Edward Robledo - Two Year Trustee
Dean Smith - Three Year Trustee
Jose Albayeros - Color Corps Commander
Edward Robledo - Vice Color Corps Commander

Call-out Schedule

Saturday, January 24th

Districtwide Call-out - Unborn Annual Respect for Life Mass
Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, 555 W Temple St., Los Angeles
Gathering time is 4:00pm ; mass begins at 6:00pm