2014-2015 Assembly Officers
 - Faithful Friar
Rudy Rios - Faithful Navigator
Jose Albayeros - Faithful Captain
Victor Martinez - Faithful Pilot
Ramon Burce - Faithful Comptroller
Dale Pitman - Faithful Purser
Jose Campos - Faithful Scribe
Thomas Quintana - Faithful Admiral
Val Rodriguez - Faithful Sentinel
Salvador Flores - Faithful Sentinel
Rafael Mendez - Faithful Sentinel
George Avelar - Faithful Sentinel
Edward Robledo - One Year Trustee
Dean Smith - Two Year Trustee

Jose Albayeros - Color Corps Commander
Edward Robledo - Vice Color Corps Commander

Good Evening Sir Knights…

I wanted to remind you that tomorrow evening we will be having our Assembly Business Meeting at the Saint Christopher’s Hall in El Monte.  Social Hour begins at 7pm ; the meeting will begin at 8pm.  At this meeting we will be hold Officer Elections during ‘New Business’ for the upcoming Columbian year for 2016 - 2017.  Any member of our assembly in ‘good standing’ with the assembly and their council is eligible to be nominated for any officer position.  Anyone who would like to be considered for an Officer position for the upcoming year MUST attend tomorrow evening.  We will not accept nominations for Sir Knights who are not in attendance to accept in-person.