Class Information

We are learning Language Arts here. 

                Figuring out what the words are (decoding)
                Reading smoothly and with expression (fluency)
                Understanding what the author means (comprehension)
                        Adding more reading to our schedules because, in order
                    to become a proficient reader, you must PRACTICE! 
                Words, words and more words!
                What new words mean
                Where they came from
                How to make new ones from old ones
                How to use prefixes and suffixes to change root words
                How to say them
                How to spell them
                How we can use them all the time
                       What makes up a complete sentence?
                        How we can elaborate to make sentences more interesting?
                                    (Megan calls this "decorating")
                        What MUST you have in a good paragraph?
                        How do you put it in order?
                        When do you know to begin ANOTHER ONE?
                       How do you begin an essay?
                                     (THE DREADED "RESPOND TO A PROMPT" DILEMMA) 
                       How to organize an essay
                       How to ELABORATE
                                 Anecdotes (no it is not a medicine!)
                       To persuade or expose, that is the question
                                        write about something or
                                        get others to go along with your cause
                        Thank you
                                     What job do you want?
                     Do you qualify for it?
                     Share to make people want to hire you!    
Karen Fuller,
Sep 20, 2011, 1:34 PM
Karen Fuller,
Sep 20, 2011, 1:33 PM