Surrealist Digital Portrait (Fruit/Vegetables)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo, a noted Renaissance painter, was very unique in that his portraits were not your typical portraits, they were intricately crafted portraits that were composed by juxtaposing different fruits, vegetables, or even animals together to create the look of the subject. As you will see through the examples of his paintings, he was definitely ahead of his time, and he served as a great inspiration for many Surrealist painters that followed in his artistic footsteps many, many years later.

 See some of the examples of Arcimboldo's famous portraits below and look carefully at their composition. What do you see? Amazing, right? To read more about Giuseppe Arcimboldo and to view more examples of his unique portraits, click here.

Using Photoshop and images that you've either photographed yourself or found online, create a collage of fruits, vegetables, seafood, or something similar to the components of Arcimboldo's portraits, and create a portrait of your own.

You may want to begin with an image of the portrait you'd like to create as your first layer and delete it later to give you a foundation to build your portrait. You will definitely want to use different layers and arrange them accordingly.