Picasso-esque Cubist Digital Portrait


Watch the PowerPoint presentation above to see some powerful examples of Cubist work. Most of the examples in the presentation were created by the most noted Cubist artist, Pablo Picasso. You may have seen some of these works before. See what you're familiar with, and get familiar with the works that you aren't yet familiar with.

The aim of the Cubist artist was the create a modern work where a variety of views of an object could be seen all at once. In other words, when looking at a portrait of a person, the viewer would be able to view not only the straight on view but also the side view, perhaps the back view, etc. See some examples of interesting student Cubist portraits created in Photoshop below. Then, create your very own Cubist portrait using similar techniques and the aim of the Cubist painter (many viewpoints all seen at once).