Photoshop Makeover

Magazines, album covers, music videos...everybody seems to get a little touch-up with Photoshop these days. Here's your chance to have some fun making YOURSELF over without all of the hassle of actually making yourself over. Have you ever wanted to go blonde? Have you always imagined what you'd look like with an awesome afro? Maybe you'd like to see what you'd look like as a Kardashian (with three pounds of make-up and twelve pairs of false eyelashes layered onto your face). Perhaps you'd like to know what you'd look like with a sweet mustache. One way or another, for this assignment, you should CONVINCINGLY give yourself a makeover. This shouldn't look cartoony or fake. This should look subtle enough that it looks as though you really had a makeover. See some examples below for an idea of where I want you to go with this!

Hint: The key to excellent and realistic photoshopping is to make sure you TURN DOWN THE OPACITY when painting so you don't make everything look "cartoony." You will lose points for all additions that do not look realistic.

Thanks, Vanessa for being a trouper and letting me post your examples!