Digital Art Assignments/Homework

September 20, 2016:

Click here  to sign up for Dropbox, which will be endlessly helpful to you in your efforts to save your work! 

September 12, 2016:

Complete the Photoshop Vocabulary Worksheet you were given in class. All of the answers on the first side can be found at the link listed at the top of your page/here: These must be completed by Thursday, September 15th. Quiz on both sides will be on Friday, September 16th. Don't forget to study!

September 8, 2016:

As mentioned in class, here is the free website that you can use like Photoshop. Just remember, you won't be able to open PSD (Photoshop Document files) here. 

August 29-30, 2016:

-Welcome to Digital Art! Don't forget to turn in your syllabus and sign up for Class Dojo with your parent/guardian. Remember, these are your two first GRADED assignments! Both are DUE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd!

-Set up your Gmail account and Blogger account

-Email me at with your FULL NAME and CLASS PERIOD in the SUBJECT LINE. Then, include the address of your blog (eg. in the BODY OF THE EMAIL. (This is also a graded assignment)