Where's Waldo Assignment

As a youngster, I really loved searching for Waldo in the Where's Waldo series. If you've never seen a Where's Waldo book, let me tell you a little about them...

In each of the books, you find some very busy pictures filled with people and objects sometimes doing humorous things. Your goal is to find Waldo, who looks like this:

The illustrator of the books attempts to throw the viewer off by including other red and white striped images into the business, so it becomes more of a challenge to find Waldo.

Your assignment is to make a unique collage that includes YOU as Waldo for all of your friends to find! Read the instructions below to find out how you will do this...

1. Download the image of a person in a Where's Waldo costume (below) or a full body image of the REAL cartoon Waldo from Google images:

2. Take a picture of yourself with your face in the same position as the Waldo image (in Photo Booth or otherwise).

3. Open both images in Photoshop and unlock both backgrounds.

4. Use the magnetic lasso or the eraser to cut out EVERYTHING BUT THE FACE on the picture OF YOU!

5. Use the MOVE tool to move your face onto the image of Waldo. FLATTEN IMAGE (LAYER - FLATTEN IMAGE) and SAVE AS "Waldo Me."

Your image might look something like the example below. 

6. Now we can begin setting up the foundation to build our photo collage in Photoshop...

A couple of  important things to remember before you get started on your collage:
  • In order to get a good grade on this assignment, most/all of your items should be CUT OUT and not just placed into the collage as squares/rectangles.
  • You may NOT just use a busy Where's Waldo background to start
  • You must get acquainted with arranging layers as you'll want some layers overlapping others.
  • There should be NO BLANK SPACES in the background
  • Each of the images you add must be relatively SMALL. DO NOT add large images to your collage!
7. Begin by opening a new blank file in Photoshop (FILE - NEW - BLANK FILE)

8. Name your new file "Where's__Your Name____"

9. Make sure the image size is either 8.5 x 11 inches (for PORTRAIT) or 11 x 8.5 inches (for LANDSCAPE).

10. Check "Transparent" under "Background Contents" in the menu before clicking on OK.

11.  Open image files that you’d like to use in Photoshop Elements. Make sure to UNLOCK the layer(s) you’re working with, or you won’t be able to move it/them. NOTE: You will not be able to unlock .gif files.

Choose the MAGNETIC LASSO tool from the menu and carefully trace around the image/object you’d like to use in your collage. Trace all the way around the image until the solid lasso line becomes a moving, dashed line.

(Hint: You can also erase around an object (like you might've done with your face before moving it onto Waldo OR, if you have a solid colored background, you can just use the magic wand, select the background, and cut out the background (APPLE X) before using the MOVE tool.)

13. Click on the MOVE tool at the top of the tool menu and drag your lassoed object into the NEW BLANK FILE you just opened (Where's_______).

14. Once you have dragged the image into your new file, adjust the size using the frame around the image (the MOVE tool must be highlighted). Make sure you do not mess up the proportions of the image -- don't stretch anything out too much or squash it.

You don't want your image to be much larger than the one in the example above. Each of your images will be layered on top of each other at about that size...

15. Continue to layer images of things you like, friends, hobbies, interests, and/or family into the collage. Remember, it's a good idea to add a couple of things with red and white stripes into the collage to make it slightly more challenging to find the image of you as Waldo in the collage once you include it...

16. At some point, make sure to add the picture of you as Waldo into the collage. Make sure it's not too obvious, but also remember not to make it IMPOSSIBLE for a viewer to find. That's never the goal!

17. When finished, flatten the image (LAYER - FLATTEN IMAGE) and SAVE AS a .JPG using the drop down menu in the save menu.
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