Celebrity with Animal Name

This is an assignment that you should definitely be creative and have fun with! I thought of it when we were making fun of Justin Bieber in class one day (sorry, Justin Bieber?).  Justin Bieber's name sounds a lot like Justin Beaver, so I took an image of Mr. Bieber, and I took an image of a beaver, I morphed the two together in Photoshop, and....as they say, the rest is history. Follow the instructions below to create a celebrity/animal hybrid of your very own. Make sure to read EACH of the instructions and include all parts into your completed piece for full credit...

1. Think of a celebrity who has a name that is either an animal name or  sounds kind of like one.

Here are a couple of examples:

Tony Hawk
Snoop Dogg
Ethan Hawke
Michael J. Fox
Larry Bird
Sheryl Crow
Tiger Woods
Cat Deeley
Jamie Foxx
John Cougar Mellancamp

Gordon Ramsay
Mick Jaguar (instead of Jagger)
Simon Cowell
Justin Beaver (instead of Bieber)

Not on the list? Be creative and think of another one that you'd rather work on!

2. Search for images using google images of both the celebrity and the corresponding animal. Make sure that you find appropriately sized images and angles that correspond as well (make sure that if you use a front view of Justin Bieber, you use a front view of a beaver...OR if you use a profile view, you use a profile view of the animal. Trust me! This will make your life infinitely easier!)

3. Open both images in Photopea and unlock both backgrounds. 

4. After unlocking both images, use the move tool to drag the animal image over the face of the celebrity image. You'll have to resize and adjust placement to get it just right.

5. Use the eraser tool to erase parts of the animal face so that more of the celebrity face shows through. As you do this, you'll want to make sure that 1) you're on the correct layer and 2) you lower the opacity of the eraser to "blend" the two layers together. This takes some time, skill, and patience. The more you work on your blending, the better and more realistic your picture will look.

6. Once you have gotten the facial "morphing" just right, I recommend neatly erasing the background of the celebrity image away. Make sure that you zoom in to really focus on small details and make this extra professional looking. Obviously, make sure you're on the celebrity image layer before doing this :)

7. When you have completely erased the background from the celebrity image AND  you've checked and double-checked that your animal/celebrity morphing is to your liking, you can flatten your image. (Layer-Flatten Image)

8. Use the magic wand tool to select the background of the flattened image and fill with a solid color (you can also use the paint bucket tool) that complements your image.

9. After you've taken care of the prior step, you'll wan to FLATTEN your image again (Layer-Flatten Image)

10. Next, click on your choice of  the following images to DOWNLOAD A PICTURE FRAME image to place your masterpiece in. After clicking on the image, MAKE SURE YOU ENLARGE THE IMAGE BY CLICKING ON IT AGAIN BEFORE DOWNLOADING IT TO YOUR DESKTOP)

11. After downloading the image of the frame of your choice, open the image in Photoshop and unlock the background.

12. Use the magic wand tool to select any white space both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the frame. Use the APPLE X command to cut out the white spaces.

13. Depending on the orientation of your celebrity/animal flattened image, rotate the frame to match. To rotate, go to IMAGE - ROTATE - 90 Left:

14. Next, use the move tool to move your celebrity/animal image into the frame (complete with background color). Make sure that your image fits nicely into the frame. Resize if necessary. If your image is a little larger than the size of the frame, remember that you can use the LAYER - ARRANGE - SEND BACKWARDS option to move it behind the frame.

15. Once you have properly arranged your layers, flatten your image.

16. Using the TEXT tool, add your celebrity's name (or changed name -- eg. Justin BEAVER) to your piece. You can use the text options in Photoshop OR you can try this other fun technique...


1. Go to http://www.dafont.com

2. Scroll through the MANY, MANY categories and types of fonts that are provided on this amazing free site.

3. Once you find a font you like, click on it.

4. You should see a Preview Window with "submit" next to it once you click on the font of your choice:

5. Type the name of your celebrity into the custom preview window and choose "Large" for size. Then click on "SUBMIT."

6. In some cases, you'll find that the name is too long for the preview. In that case, you'll have to break it up into first and last names for the previews and screen captures:

(too big...)

(redone to fit one name at a time)

7. To do a SCREEN CAPTURE, Press SHIFT, COMMAND, and 4 all at the same time. You will see that your cursor turns into a little crosshairs/target. Highlight the area you want to take a picture of, then let go of the mouse and you will hear a camera sound (if you have your sound on). On your desktop will be a file called Picture (a number).png. That will be your screen capture.

Screen capturing these previews will save valuable memory on your computers as downloading each of these fonts takes up a significant amount of space.

8. Drag your .png files into Photoshop, unlock the backgrounds, color or fill them using a color or fill of your choice, then, using the MOVE TOOL, drag the name(s) file(s) into your framed image.