Cartoon Yourself Assignment

This project is similar to the Mona Lisa contour drawing assignment. Here’s how you’ll get started…


1)     Find a picture of yourself you’d like to use. Your picture should be a front view picture (not a profile, etc.). Do not use any filters or effects. Just take a normal self portrait in color. 

*Tip: It's totally up to you if you choose to include teeth, but teeth can be a little challenging sometimes, so keep that in mind when you take your photo.


2)    Open your picture in Pixlr.


3)    Before beginning work on your picture, you must first CREATE A NEW LAYER!! (If you don’t, you’ll have to start over later)


4)    Name your new layer “Contour” or "Draw on this layer" or WHATEVER WILL MAKE YOU DRAW ON THAT LAYER! :) 


5)    On the new layer, begin doing a contour drawing using a small sized (3px) brush and black paint.


6)    Trace all of the important details on your face. Your goal is to draw a cartoon version of yourself that ACTUALLY looks like you. Make sure to include your hair as well. You may draw your neck and shoulders as well, but the most important things to include are your face and hair. 

*Helpful tip:When drawing your nose, start with your nostrils and then build up the details of your nose with some lines and shading in your coloring.


7)    Once you have completed the contour drawing, you may delete the background image layer.


8)    Make sure to fill the background with white if it’s not white already. You will end up with a black contour drawing on a white background.


9)  Color your image using REALISTIC colors to match what you ACTUALLY look like.


10)  Save your picture as a JPEG on the highest quality with YOUR NAME as the file name.

11) Upload your photo to your website under Digital Art with the title "Cartoon Yourself"