Contour/Collage Portrait

For this assignment, you want to take a CLOSE-UP SELF PORTRAIT that's cropped pretty close. Just as you did for the "Cartoon Yourself" assignment months ago, you'll want to add contour lines to everything in the picture BUT YOUR FACE. Your face will be left alone as a normal photograph (see below), but you will use different collage elements to fill the space AROUND your face (hair, neck, background, etc.). Think back to the "Where's Waldo" assignment. Pick objects that represent you, describe you, that you're interested in, or just ones that you find visually appealing. EVERYTHING but your face should be covered with this collage. Below is a picture that one of my friends did this way, which I thought was really cool!

*Additional idea: You can also draw and scan objects for this assignment. Not all things need to be objects, you can also mix patterns in, but all space must be filled up except the face.