Celebrity Photobomb!

I think I just wanted to call this assignment "Celebrity Photobomb" because what I'm looking for is not so much a photobomb as you photoshopping a celebrity into a daily scene where it looks like they belong. That means they should match the scene (lighting, color, activity, etc.). What I did was look for a photo first that had a space for me to add a celebrity. Then I looked for a photo of a celebrity doing something that would work in the scene. I found an image of Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game, and I inserted him into an empty seat at last year's Marshall 8th grade promotion ceremony. Take a look. The photos below my instructions were my inspiration from a website where a guy takes images from holiday parties, etc. and photoshops celebrities in as if they were invited guests. You have an advantage as you can find a picture of a celebrity first and take a picture of yourself and your friends arranged in a way that it works if you'd like! Have fun with this!

1. I started this assignment with this picture I found on the Marshall website photo album from last year's promotion.

2. Next, I found an image of a celebrity sitting down and looking in the direction I wanted. I actually google image searched "Jack Nicholson Lakers game" because he is famously always in the front row of those games.

3. Next, I used the magic wand and eraser to erase out any unnecessary background images that I didn't need.

4. I moved this Photoshopped image onto my initial image from promotion.

5. Obviously, I needed to resize Mr. Nicholson as he ended up being pretty tiny once I moved him, so my next step was to adjust the size of that layer to match the background image.

6. I was left with an image that had Jack Nicholson overlapping the woman in the picture with his hands up and covering another woman's head in the row in front of him, so my next step was to erase all of the "extra" parts of the Jack Nicholson picture that took away from the "realness." Using the eraser, I carefully erased all of the parts I didn't need.

7. Finally, once you have placed and erased, go ahead and adjust the color, brightness, contrast, shadows, highlight, etc. that you need to adjust to get your addition to match the background image. 

The "inspiring" party additions are below:

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Emma Watson

Barack Obama

Ryan Gosling

Tom Cruise