Art 7-8 Assignments

October 6, 2020:
  • Pixlr Coloring Page Assignment is due on Wednesday, 10/7.
  • Pixlr Design Your Own Sneaker is due Thursday, 10/8.
  • Mini Project #1 is due on Friday, 10/9.
September 29, 2020:
  • Your Shaded Forms Project is due on Thursday, 10/1. Make sure to check assignment guidelines on Google Classroom to ensure you complete the assignment in the correct format.
  • ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, 10/2. It is the last day of the grading period. If you have not submitted a graded assignment by Friday, your grade will be a 0 for that assignment, so make sure to check that all of your assignments are complete. Here's a link with instructions on how to submit an assignment in Google Classroom if you need it:

September 25, 2020:
  • Draw the Thing You Love to Draw assignment: As we've discussed in class, everybody has SOME thing they love to doodle or draw. Draw that thing for this assignment and submit your picture of it under this assignment in Google Classroom. Due Monday, 9/28.
  • If you haven't completed and turned in your Worm Color Value Drawing, make sure to finish them up and turn them in.

September 22, 2020:
  • Work on "Worm" Color Value Drawing. Make sure to clearly shade a dark, a medium, and a light area as shown in the tutorial from class on each of the segments of the drawing. Due Friday, 9/25.

September 21, 2020:
  • Study for your quiz on Wednesday. There is a Quizlet I made as well as both slideshows we viewed in class for you to study under Materials/Resources in Google Classroom.
  •  Download this image, and I'll walk you through how to complete the Pixlr Color Wheel assignment. It is due on Wednesday, September 23, the same day as your quiz. 

September 17, 2020:
  • Don't forget to review the Elements of Art and Principles of Design slideshows under Materials/Resources on Google Classroom for our quiz on Wednesday, 9/23 during class. Make sure you also know the difference between contour drawing, blind contour drawing, and gesture drawing. 

September 15, 2020:
  • Remember to make a list (either in your sketchbook or in Google docs) of things you love. Check the Google Classroom assignment post for more details.

September 11, 2020:
  • Don't forget that your Contraption Contour Drawings are due on Monday, and your Elements of Art Zen Doodles are due on Tuesday. You may turn them in a little later if necessary, but you must be responsible enough to turn it in on your own without reminders from me if that's the case. 

September 7, 2020:
  • Work on Elements of Art Zen Doodle: For your first project, I want you to create a zen doodle in regular pencil on white paper (please use an approximately 8.5" x 11" -- printer paper sized sheet). What I want to see in your zen doodle are all of the elements of art we talked about today EXCEPT color. Please make sure to:
-Use the entire paper
-Complete in regular/drawing pencil ONLY (no pen, crayon, color, etc.)
- Include line, shapes, forms, value (shading), space, and texture 
-Include a lot of INTRICATE designs
-Have fun!

I initially mentioned that this was going to be due on Friday of this week, but I remembered we had the day off yesterday, so I went ahead and made this due on Monday, September 14 (next Monday) instead. 

You can find links to the zen doodle videos we watched in class as well as the slideshow about the elements of art that we viewed together in Google Classroom.

  • Make sure you've completed and submitted your two previous assignments: Exit Slip from 9/4 and your 3D object drawing assignment.

August 31, 2020:
Welcome back!