Wrap-Up & Pictures

Thank you everybody for a wonderful conference! We set an attendance record, heard many interesting student presentations, had a great poster session, played a challenging and fun game, listened to a couple intriguing keynotes, had great discussions, and met a lot of people. This was a huge success and the entire conference staff is grateful for your attendance and participation. Thanks again and see you next year!

While at the conference, you may have noticed Lindsay Emerson taking snapshots of all the action. Lindsay is an undergraduate student at MSU who is an aspiring sport and exercise psychologist and a photographer with a small business of her own. Group pictures are available for download here (right click --> Save As, or download the attachments at the bottom of the page). Photos of individual presenters are available for purchase for reasonable prices at her website (Galleries --> 22nd Annual MSEPS): 
http://photographybylindsay.zenfolio.com/. Photos may be purchased by clicking "Contact" on the main page and sending Lindsay an email with the photo number and desired print s
ize. Pricing is as follows:

Small Prints
3.5x5/4x6: $10
5x7/5/5: $15
8x10: $20
(8) Wallets: $15

Large Prints
11x14/12x12: $40
16x20/16x16: $60
20x24/20x20: $75

You can click the pictures to enlarge them.  Thanks Lindsay!

The 22nd Midwest Sport & Exercise Psychology Symposium (MSEPS) will be held at Michigan State University (MSU) on February 17 and February 18, 2012!

The purpose of MSEPS is to highlight student work in the field in an open forum that will provide unique opportunities for critical feedback and discussion.  The Midwest region hosts several highly regarded University programs and faculty who have consistently been instrumental in contributing to the development of graduate students' research and professional networks.  MSEPS is a conference where everyone across the region can come together in a collegial setting to collaborate and share.

MSEPS showcases the work of upcoming scholars in a one-room setting that allows for open dialogue to occur between students and faculty in a professional, yet friendly, manner.  The student-centered presentation schedule lets the focus be on works in progress, not just completed studies.  This provides an opportunity for students to learn from each other and leading scholars at nearby institutions as they are developing their projects.

This environment is extremely valuable in the process of examining our own research agendas as well as furthering our understanding of methods and future trends of the field.  MSEPS has a rich tradition of strengthening current students and future professionals in the field dating back to the very first meeting in 1991 at the University of Illinois.  MSEPS @ MSU seeks to continue this tradition.


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Samuel Forlenza,
Feb 29, 2012, 11:24 AM
Samuel Forlenza,
Feb 29, 2012, 11:24 AM