If you have questions, you can email us at: msepsmsu@gmail.com
          Note: this email is not being checked anymore. If you have questions, please contact Sam Forlenza: lenza.sam@gmail.com

The conference Abstract Blog can be found here: http://mseps2012.blogspot.com/

The MSEPS Conference Planning Committee
  • Sam Forlenza (Conference Chair, Website)
  • Dana Voelker (Program, Abstracts, Feedback)
  • Moe Machida (Keynotes, Panel Discussion)
  • Brandon Irwin (Budget, Funding)
  • Andy Driska (Website, Advertising, Registration)
  • Bill Harris & Evie Oregon (Facilities, Food)
  • Ian Cowburn (Facilities, Donations)
  • Katie Griffes & Ramona Cox (Social, Gifts)
  • Missy Wright & Jed Blanton (Funding)