Please read everything on this page carefully before submitting your abstract!

Open for Submissions: December 1
Submission Deadline**: January 23 at 9PM (changed)
Notification of Acceptance: by January 27
Conference: February 17 and 18

Abstract submission will take place electronically, through this website, using a designated form.  Electronic submission of abstracts is easier for us to manage and thus we will not accept mail-in abstracts.  We are looking for abstracts on sport/exercise/health/performance psychology or related areas.  Before submitting an abstract, you must pay your registration fee.  Should your abstract not be accepted, we will offer a refund of your registration fee if you choose not to attend.

All accepted abstracts will be posted on a public-domain blog ( with consent of the submitting author(s).  The goals behind this are to a) allow conference attendees to review any or all abstracts at their leisure before the conference, b) start the conversation before the conference and keep it going afterwards, and c) let presenters easily share their abstracts with others (e.g., via email, Facebook, LinkedIn).  Please note the blog is NOT visible to search engines or listed in the Blogger directory; however, people may still find it.  If you do not wish your work to be placed on the website/blog, you will be able to indicate that on the abstract submission form.

Submission Guidelines
  • Title: 14 word maximum
  • Authorship: Presenting author must be a student and must be first author (one first-author submission per person)
  • Abstract: 200 word maximum (abstracts longer than 200 words will NOT be considered)
  • At least 3 keywords or "tags" for the blog
  • May include a research study or a research proposal
  • Must include a clear purpose statement, methods (for research proposal) or results (for research study), and conclusions
All abstracts will be blind-reviewed by a 5-person panel of graduate students in sport and exercise psychology.  Each panel member will read the abstract independently and rate the abstract on a scale from 1 to 3 (1 = poor, 2 = average, 3 = excellent) based on the following criteria:
  • Clarity of the purpose statement
  • Clarity of the methods (for a proposal) or results (for a research study)
  • Clarity of the conclusions
The highest ranked abstracts will be placed into presentation time slots and organized according to common themes.  Should we not be able to accommodate all presenters, the remaining abstracts will be considered for a poster session.

Complete the following form to submit your abstract:

If this Abstract Submission form does not display correctly, please use this version of the form instead.  If you continue to experience problems with submitting your abstract, please contact Andy Driska (

MSEPS 2012 Abstract Submission Form